This week is the White House’s National Week of Making, and we’re celebrating makers and what inspires them to start creating! All this week, we’re running stories with the “This is the week that I… theme, sharing smart and easy advice to get you started on the road to creativity. Today, we’re talking to the lovely Jenna Kutcher, the amazing lady behind our Intro to DSLR Photography Online Class. Scroll on to learn more about Jenna’s inspo for creating pieces and how she stays motivated!

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1. When did you first fall in love with photography?

I fell in love when I was 22! I bought a camera on Craigslist to document our wedding-planning process and BOOM — I wanted to be a photographer. That $300 purchase totally changed my future (but I sure had a lot of growing pains learning how to use it!).

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2. Tell us about your first week dabbling in photography. How did you stay motivated? How did it inspire you?

[My husband] Drew and I went around Madison, Wisconsin and I made him let me take pictures of everything. I was definitely shooting in auto, definitely not taking great photos — but just seeing life through a new lens was something that totally inspired me. I have always loved photography, but finally being given the tool to create my own took it to another level.


3. What was the hardest part about starting your photography adventures?

The learning curve is steep! Not only was I trying to learn how to use my camera, I was trying to start a business so I could leave my Corporate America job to pursue photography. There were a lot of late nights, early mornings and a lot of burning the candle from both ends trying to make it happen. One year later, I had booked enough jobs to match my corporate salary and I handed in my letter of resignation!


4. What is one unusual thing (something you read, listen to, watch, eat or do) to feel creative and inspired?

I love to nap. I’m not even kidding. Drew teases that I’m a cat, but I need a 20-minute power nap every day. Just closing my eyes, not staring at screens and resting gets me ready to finish out the day strong (my dogs love nap time too!).


5. What’s one creativity tip you would give to aspiring full-time makers?

Stop trying to hide the things that make you different! So often we are trying to blend in, to make it look like we have it all figured out. But I truly think there is power in sharing our stories, in living where we are at and in going against the flow.

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(Photos via Jenna Kutcher Photos)