We all love to get in some buns-of-steel exercises or a tough love workout that tones our whole bod. And honestly, workouts you can do with a partner are way more fun than exercising solo. But sometimes, babysitting your nieces and nephews or spending your day as a rock star mom can make squeezing in a sweat sesh more work than it is worth. That is, until you found these seven YouTube videos created specifically for the kid in your life. Torch some calories, teach kids about healthy habits and keep them entertained every day of the week with the vids below.


1. 25-Minute Fun Workout for Kids at Home: The team at FitnessBlender brings you a fun and easy 25-minute at-home workout that makes exercise a blast for all ages. Kelly and her kid cousins lead you through a series of low-intensity exercises that require no equipment, just hustle. (via FitnessBlender)


2. Level Two Kids Workout: We’re pretty sure the kids featured in this Moe Jones workout vid have better endurance, stamina and overall strength than we do (#youth). Maybe their fitness will push you even harder! This no-equipment-needed workout will have you and the youngsters breaking a sweat in 20 minutes. (via Moe Jones)


3. Yoga for Kids: Calling all current and future yogis alike: This video is for you. Instructor Sarah Kline explains in the beginning of this vid that this is a kids-only video, but the aunt vibes she’s giving off during this less than nine-minute workout have us feeling differently. This is the perfect intro to yoga to do with your little one. (via Yoga Today)


4. Kid + Adult Partner Workout: Grab your favorite tween or teen and get ready for one heart-pounding, no-equipment needed HIIT workout. You’ll burn serious calories with this total body routine, and you’ll only have to dedicate 26 minutes to get there. (via Shelly Dose)


5. Whip and Nae Nae Elementary Cardio Workout: This is the best warmup you and your kid friend could possibly do. This genius elementary school PE teacher took the Whip and Nae Nae and turned it into our new favorite cardio warmup. Start your workout with these three and a half minutes and you won’t be disappointed. Trust us. (via Jared Paschall)


6. 20-Minute Workout for Kids: What do you get when you combine a killer warmup with intense cardio and body weight strength exercises? The perfect workout for kids and adults to do together. This video is best for kids that are at least eight years old. (via NateBowerFitness)


7. Fun Postnatal Workout With Baby: Our girl Cassey has done it again. She teamed up with Colette Butler of Shaytards to create a super fun and safe postnatal routine that will have all you hot mamas on the road to your pre-baby body in no time. The best part: This workout is designed to do with your baby. (via blogilates)

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