Weddings are an exciting time in anyone’s life. But when there are kids involved, the wedding is as much about them as it is about the bride and groom. Whether you’re blending two families together or you just waited to make it official, it’s important that the kids feel like they’re a part of the wedding and not accidentally cast aside in the commotion. Here are 13 ways to make sure your kids feel included in the big day.

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1. Let Them Start the Show: Have them carry a banner, flowers or whatever you want to include in your procession. Either way, they will be walking proud. (via The Ritzy Rose)


2. Special Desserts: Let your kid choose their favorite dessert to serve at the reception. They’ll be thrilled to have a familiar treat and see everyone else enjoying it too. (via Clean Plate Pictures)


3. Dance Crashers: Have the kids crash your first dance and they’ll not only feel included, but they’ll also steal the show! (via Millie Holloman)

Photograph by Sunlit Studios

4. Family Cake Topper: Cake toppers aren’t just for the bride and groom anymore. (via Sun Lit Studios)


5. Pair Them With Your Fur Baby: Put your babe with your other (furry) babe for the cutest walk down the aisle that will for sure have Gma tearing up. (via Sloan Photographers)


6. Put a Ring on It: Give the kids their own piece of shiny new jewelry so they can have something to show off to their friends too. (via Naturally Bee-utiful Photography)


7. Special Vows: Take the time to say something special to them in your vows and let them know they will always be surrounded by your love. (via Style Me Pretty)


8. Family Dance: Add a few of their favorite jams to the playlist and watch them boogie down with excitement to create a memory they will never forget. (via Bride Bird)


9. Scavenger Hunt: Give all the kids an activity that will keep them occupied throughout the reception and snag some fun pictures for the album at the same time. (via The Wedding Ring)


10. Extended Sand Ceremony: Let each child pour their own sand into a bigger jar that you can later put on display in your house. There will always be a physical reminder in sight that you are now one family and that each person is essential. (via I Do Take Two)

11. Let Them Give a Toast: Have the kids do a trial run at home first, or just let them wing it. Either way, you’re going to want to make sure the camera is rolling. (via MrMsShannn)


12. Have Them Say “We Do!”: When you are blending families, let your kiddos have a say in the ceremony too. It will be a super cute way to seal the deal. (via Douglas Benedict Photography)


13. Save the Date: Get creative with your save the dates and make the kids feel like they’re a part of the wedding right from the start. (via Jen Vazquez Photography)

How will you incorporate your kiddos into your big day? Any cute ideas we missed? Let us know in the comments below.