Your wedding day is all about you and your fianc茅. The ceremony, the dress and suit, festivities, decor, food and entertainment are basically a way to showcase your personalities and celebrate your love, right? Well, we鈥檝e taken personal right down to the finishing touches. We鈥檙e talking wedding cake toppers, but we鈥檝e moved beyond the traditional bride and groom figurines. We鈥檝e scoured the trends, from silhouettes to cute typographic one-liners and even crowns, to showcase 19 wedding cake toppers that take the cake.



1. Mini Mylar Balloons ($22): If your post-ceremony f茅te is filled with flair and fun, then you need these mini mylar balloons atop your cake. Nothing spells F-U-N like balloons.


2. Crowned Cake Topper ($38): If you don鈥檛 top the icing on the cake with a beautiful gilded crown, then you can go ahead and hop off the trend train. Crowns are where it鈥檚 at in the cake deco department this year.


3. Marquee Light Up Topper ($300): If you鈥檙e going to say something, say it LOUD. That鈥檚 where this mini marquee sign comes into play.


4. Cupid鈥檚 Arrow ($30): Nothing communicates love more than Cupid鈥檚 arrow. Spread the love by piercing your cake with a little of Cupid鈥檚 luck.


5. Geometric Paper Cranes ($54): These acrylic paper cranes are a sure way to bestow good fortune on your wedding day. According to Japanese legend, the crane is a powerful symbol of luck, longevity and happiness.



6. Fringe Hearts: Just like a pi帽ata, these fringe hearts can be made to hold something special inside. Stash a memento to crack open on your anniversary or fill them with a fun surprise and whack 鈥檈m open on your wedding day. (via Julep)


7. Moss Monogram: Monograms are a classy way to add a bit of personal flair to your big day. If your decor is boho, vintage or woodland, we couldn鈥檛 think of a better cake topper than this little moss number right here. (via Lisa Leonard)


8. Confetti Hearts: Party happy and celebrate your love. That鈥檚 what these confetti cake toppers are all about. (via Best Friends for Frosting)


9. Spun Sugar: Want to make a dramatic statement while keeping things minimal? Don your confection with class, and add a spun sugar topper like this. (via Sprinkle Bakes)



10. Blooming Succulents: We can鈥檛 think of anything more beautiful to top your cake. If you鈥檙e looking for an inexpensive, trendy topper, these succulents will deliver. (via Flora and Fauna)


11. Pampas Grass: Whimsy meets modern design in this simple, pampas grass-topped cake. The color possibilities are endless, as you can dip-dye, glitter and paint the grass any color you want to match your wedding day decor. (via Jose Villa)


12. Rustic Grapevine Topper ($64): An enchanting woodland-inspired topper is a nice touch to a vintage, boho or outdoor wedding.

Olive Branch Cake Topper

13. Olive Leaf Heart Topper: A symbol of peace, the olive branch is right on trend with weddings opting for lush greenery instead of over-the-top blooms for decor. (via One Love)


Lil' Toppers Cake Toppers

14. Hand-Painted Lil鈥 Cake Toppers ($225): We鈥檝e fallen head over heels in love with Lil鈥 Cake Toppers. Graphic designer Esther Mun hand paints little wooden toppers and customizes them to look just like the bride and groom.


15. 3D Cake Topper: Check it out, tech lovahs: It鈥檚 like you and your sweetie are actually standing atop your wedding cake. For reals, you can 3D print you and your beloved in miniature. (via Lally)


16. Kissing Flamingos ($138): Tropical romance flutters atop your wedding cake with these cute and frilly kissing flamingos. They鈥檙e a sweet touch for tropical affairs, destination weddings and those decking their day in pink.


17. Cygnus Cake Topper ($14): We couldn鈥檛 think of anything more swoon-worthy than these swans, which give off a vintage vibe. (photo via Coco Tran)


18. Origami Figures ($75): We are crazy in love with these hand-folded origami toppers. Lu Sun, the origami artist behind these amazing creations, can customize the figures so you can add that personal flair to your big day.


19. Puppy Love Topper: Dog lovers, take note: This cake topper was made for you. This is puppy love at its finest. (via Love Is A Bird)

Are you getting hitched in 2015? Tell us what鈥檚 topping your cake at the main event down below.