When it comes to making a house feel more homey, we’re all for adding a touch of interest to really make it feel like your own. Home hacks like cool lighting and tapestries can help achieve this, but we’re currently super weak in the knees for nature-inspired indoor decor. The ethereal feel that comes from pasting up some pretty paper that brings the outdoors in may be exactly what your home needs, not to mention it’s ridiculously chic. We’ve scrounged around and found some lovely wallpapers and decals that are absolutely perfect for outdoorsy types.

1. Greenleaf ($35 per panel): Bring the jungle inside with this gorgeously green leaf print. We’re thinking it might just be the perfect piece for that accent wall you’ve been dreaming of.

2. Walls Need Love Sunset Beach Wall Decal ($28+): Need just a little touch of nature? This contained beach sunset decal is a great way to diversify your wall art.

3. Mushroom Forest Wallpaper ($148): We’re so into this storybook-esque wallpaper. How great would it be for a gender-neutral nursery?

4. Stelle di Mare Wall Mural ($94): If by the sea is where you need to be, you have to have this in your home. It’s so realistic, you can practically smell the ocean breeze.

5. Piña Sola Wallpaper ($165): Fun fact: Pineapples are a symbol of warmth and friendliness. We think that, coupled with this sunny shade of yellow, makes this a great fit for an inviting kitchen or dining room.

6. Birch Tree Forest With Deer ($130): This stylish decal is well suited for a quiet reading nook. Added bonus: You can customize the colors of the trees, animals and leaves to match whatever existing motif you might have going on.

7. Paper Meadow ($103): This pretty pattern is to die for. Hannah Nunn’s subtle meadow is a totally modern take on the floral wallpapers of yore, and it is fantastic.

8. Tree Frenzy Wall Decal ($125): Slap on these wall decals for an adorable woodland-themed nursery.

9. Seascape Wallpaper ($88): If you’re looking to keep things low-key, this serene wallpaper with a hand-drawn wave pattern is a subtle way to bring the ocean to your home.

10. Pine Trees Wall Decal ($130+): Real talk: These fabric pine trees may be the cutest accoutrement in the history of ever. They would be super cute dispersed around a family room for a playful feel.

11. Galaxy Wallpaper (price upon request): We gotta say, this wallpaper is out of this world. Here’s a great option for a statement wall that requires minimal styling.

12. Bellewood Wallpaper ($59): Our love for Rebel Walls is serious, y’all. This forest wallpaper is gorgeous and would add a healthy dose of zen to any room in your home.

13. Mountains ($79+): This removable mural is sure to give any room in your home a serious WOW factor. And with a wall like this, you don’t have to do much else for your interior.

14. Paisley Birds on Wire Wall Decal ($32): The ’70s called, and they want you to know that there’s a lot more to them than disco balls and flared pants. They’ve also got bragging rights to sweet patterns, like paisley. Pay homage to the party era with these decals that are sure to be a conversation starter.

15. Maple Leaf Wallpaper ($50): Soft purple punched up with metallic in a cool leaf pattern would look great in any room. Our recommendation is giving this paper its own wall in a kitchen, specifically for a breakfast nook that has its fair share of Saturday morning pancakes :)

16. Birch Wallpaper ($30): This birch tree wallpaper has a really chill vibe — think rainy days and sleeping in. Need to up the cozy factor at home? Look no further.

17. Forest Scene Wall Decals ($110): The wooded scene these colorful decals create is off-the-charts adorable. A backdrop like this will no doubt result in some epic tea parties and fort building.

18. Sunset Ombre Wallpaper ($34+): Wowzers. What this wallpaper lacks in detail it makes up for in sheer minimalist beauty. And at such a reasonable price, it really is decorative perfection.

What kind of wallpaper would you add to your home? Let us know in the comments!