From the time we sat in front of a computer screen in grade school (oh, Kid Pix) to the all-nighters spent cranking out midterm essays in college, we got to know our favorite fonts. Whatever your occupation might be, typefaces have the ability to evoke a reaction, good or bad. If you’re a design nerd or simply can’t download enough fonts to use, get excited, because now they’re edible.


You could break out the rolling pin and whip up a plain old gingerbread house (or village), or you could amp up your holiday cookie game this year with a set of 3D printedtypography cookie cutters from Printmeneer to spell out festive messages of holiday cheer. Love a solid sans serif? Printmeneer offers complete typography cutter sets of Futura for $25 and Helvetica for $38.


As for serif typefaces, ain’t nobody got time for Times New Roman. You can order individual letters from Garamond and Baskerville $7 each.


We’re not limiting our use of these cookie cutters to sweet confections. Actually getting the cheese plate to say “cheese” is at the top of our list. You can also swap out your piping bag and use fondant letters to spell out messages for birthday cakes… or any occasion for that matter. (Because we all know it’s not a party unless there’s cake.)


But it doesn’t just stop at typefaces. Wouter of Printmeneer cranks out geeky, geometric shapes that would make any mathlete happy. No need to break out your TI-83 from high school to enjoy these cookies — unless you’re cutting equations, which would be AWESOME.


Don’t even get us started on his origami cutters. If paper folding isn’t your jam, you can make a dozen cranes in under a minute. (Seriously, so easy.) They’re elegant as is, but we’re going to take them up a notch with a bit of royal icing and sprinkles.


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(h/t Fast Co Design)