Ever since Pantone went and dethroned Radiant Orchid as the Color of the Year with Marsala for 2015, we’ve been 18-1438 obsessed. You can’t blame us when there’s so many ways to wear the “earthy red wine” shade. Even Katy Perry got a little excited about the full-bodied hue for her ‘do. After Marsala totally conquers the runways and streetwear, the next obvious avenue is going to be the home. We’ve gone and given you a roundup of ways to incorporate the elegant shade into centerpieces and accents to stay on trend through 2015. You can thank us later with a glass of red ;)

1. Vintage Painted Mirror ($195): Place this classic frame up on the wall to make a bold splash or get inspired to redo any ol’ flea market find with a coat of Marsala.

2. Geometric Triangle Print ($5): Get ahead of the trend and hang this downloadable print on your wall.

3. Braided Storage Bin ($99): Not only does this wool-blended storage piece give warmth to your space while keeping it organized, but it looks gorgeous at the same time. You could totally just keep it empty and show it off if you’d like.

4. Woven Solo Pendant ($460): This modern, woven light piece will literally give mood lighting to any space you hang it.

5. Glass Tea Light Holder ($5): Impress your guests with more than just the scent of your candles with this fab candle holder.

6. Cashmere Blend Waffleweave Throw ($145): Cuddle up and get cozy with this dark beauty.

7. Pendant Lamp ($535): Be careful with this one — though gorgeous, you don’t want to stare at this shady shade for too long (unless you slip on some shades). Have we said shade enough yet? ;)

8. Hudson Ceramics ($130-$150): Fill up these pieces with succulents and other floral arrangements, or make a simple bold statement and just place them empty throughout your space.

9. Garland Paper Dots ($32): Garland is fun in bright colors, but why not switch it up and give your open-air room a completely different vibe with this string set?

10. French Bulldog Pillow ($30): Okay, so maybe we’re getting a little liberal with the color, but there are different tints and shades of Marsala, right? This engineer print-looking Frenchie is the next best thing to a pup of your own. Pick up a similar version (minus the Marsala) at the B+C Shop.

11. Circus Stool ($99): Step right up — then sit right down — on this three ring-inspired stool.

12. Little Canvas Trunk ($300): Store your blankets in style with these wine-like crates.

13. Polypropylene Dinnerware Set ($15): Always dreamed of color coordinating your meal and glass of wine with your plates? Now you can.

14. Duvet Cover ($199-$199): Bring the color of 2015 to the bedroom with this microfiber cover. Just remember to not spill the Marsala if you bring the bottle in with you.

15. Enameled Metal Industrial Pendant ($60): Give any area of your home a little industrial touch with this sleek piece.

16. Rossu Bottle Vases ($50-$60): These vases are so gorgeous we kinda just want to find a cap for them and use them as actual water bottles. Though, we’re totally fine with them fulfilling their actual duty of living room accessories too.

17. Striped Ruffle Shower Curtain ($69): This striped curtain can work for the bathroom or to help bring new life to a window treatment.

18. Birds Plate ($9): Put a bird (and chicken Marsala) on this plate.

19. Arrow Shower Curtain ($35): Incorporate some highlights into your bathroom with this circular-decorated shower curtain.

20. Platter ($17): Do red velvet cupcakes on a reddish serving tray sound magical to you? Because they do to us.

21. Triangle Edge Wool Shag Rug ($170-$1,000): Take the minimal tribal route with this Steven Alan rug.

22. Deltana Barstool ($149): Go all out Golden Girls style and redecorate like you’re hanging on their lanai with this barstool.

23. Align Upholstered Loveseat ($649): Grab your love (no, not the bottle of wine) and get comfy on this splashing sofa.

Are you planning on adding Pantone’s Color of the Year to your home in 2015? Let us know in the comments below.