Whether you’re already living it up in your tiny NYC studio or thinking about moving to the big city, we’ve found something that will either make you super stoked, or curl up and cry because life is unfair. Kirsten Dunst’s gorgeous New Yorkapartment, a stunning Soho penthouse, is up for rent… for a LOT of rent :(

Rifling through celebrity real estate listings is always a complicated experience. Sure, if you’re scrolling through just for inspiration that’s one thing. But there’s still a part of you that wishes and hopes for just one second that the place will be affordable, cheap even. And then you realize why that’s a total pipe dream.

But even if Dunst’s price tag ($12,500 per month) is enough to make you swoon, we still think you should take a look at some of the beautiful details the indie darling has incorporated into her home.

The two-bedroom apartment is full of leather accents, cozy spaces brightened up by natural light and an effortless “quirky antique style” that would make any hipster feel right at home.

And yes, let’s all gush over those huge sunny windows and the exposed brick walls of our dreams, before settling back into the reality that for now, a small one-bedroom that allows cats for $2000 a month is probably the best we can hope for. Sigh. At least we can dream that one day this kind of place could be ours. 

What’s your favorite feature about Dunst’s awesome home? Tell us what you’re swooning over in the comments.