If you’ve ever dreamed of designing your own clothes easily, without fussing with dyes, patterns or a sewing machine, those dreams are about to come true. Knyttan, a UK-based clothing company specializing in knitwear, is taking DIY to a whole new level. They’ve just raised £2 million to bring their clothing to your closets. At first glance, it looks like any other chic, high-end fashion line, but take a closer look. Knyttan lets you customize your clothes, alter the colors and even change up the patterns.


It feels like a wonderful game, except that it’s real and you can order it, have it delivered to your front door and actually wear it. And it’s not just the customization that makes this company awesome. All the clothes are made from 100% Italian-spun Merino wool. They currently only have scarves and sweaters available, but are set to add in new patterns and products soon.


“The idea is to democratize fashion,” founder Alun-Jones, told The Guardian. “It’s like a 3D printer for clothes and gives each consumer a strong, individual connection with their garment. It’s the opposite of fast fashion. It means something to someone who created it.” The Guardian also reports that each item is produced on the same kind of knitting machine used by mainstream designers such as Burberry and Benetton. With a sweater starting at more than $300, we sure hope so.


No word yet if ugly Christmas sweaters will be in their future. Please let it be a thing!

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(Photos via Knyttan)