Back in January, Krispy Kreme customers voted for a lemon glaze donut in a #VoteforGlaze campaign, and now it鈥檚 finally time for the new flavor to hit store shelves. Just when we thought the pastry hut would never be able to top its 24 karat gold donut (!), the chain has gone and done just that, giving us a flavor we could have hand-picked ourselves. Oh wait鈥 we did! We鈥檒l have to act fast to get our hot little hands on them. The donut will be only available April 23 through April 29 in participating U.S. and Canadian stores. Check the Krispy Kreme Lemon webpage to see what locations carry the flavor.

Krispy Kreme lemon donut

Balancing a bright, fresh lemon citrus zest with all the same sugary glaze you鈥檝e come to know and love, the lemon donut has us drooling. We鈥檙e not the only ones, either. As Jackie Woodward, chief marketing officer of Krispy Kreme said in a press release, 鈥淭here has been so much anticipation and zest for the new Lemon Glaze Donut, we can鈥檛 wait to share the joy with our fans!鈥

Woodward went on to say that while mastering the donut鈥檚 flavor wasn鈥檛 easy, it proved well worth it in the end. 鈥淓xperimenting with the many flavor profiles lemon presents to create an all-new lemon glaze was a fun, but serious culinary challenge鈥 The bar doesn鈥檛 get any higher,鈥 she added.

Krispy Kreme lemon donut

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(Photos via Krispy Kreme)