Time to do your happy food dance: Krispy Kreme and Hershey’s — AKA two of the most *iconic* sweet treat brands ever — have just teamed up for the ultimate glazed goodie, and trust us when we say it’s solid foodie gold!

As was the case with the Krispy Kreme x Oreo collab and the Reese’s donut, this dynamic duo is blessing us with the dreamiest candy-coated donut around in the form of a Hershey’s Gold Donut — YUM! Not only does the new treat look like it’s made with 24 karats, it’s worth its weight in precious metals on the taste front, too.

Unlike the chocolatier’s normal cocoa-based classics, Hershey’s Gold is comprised of a classic glazed Krispy Kreme donut that’s topped with salted caramel icing before being sprinkled with Hershey’s latest candy creation, the Gold bar, which doesn’t contain any *actual* chocolate — instead, it boasts a “caramelized creme,” laced with peanuts and pretzels (AKA sweet and salty perfection).

As CMO of Krispy Kreme, Jackie Woodward, explained in a statement, “One of the ways we bring joy to our customers is by innovating to create unique doughnuts. We’ve created the perfect balance between smooth and crunchy by including actual pieces of the salty sweet Hershey’s Gold bar on our Original Glazed Doughnut.” We’ll say!

If you want to get your hands this all-new piece of 24K magic, run — don’t walk — to your nearest Krispy Kreme joint. These babies are available *today* and they’re only sticking around for a limited time!

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(Photos via Hershey’s + Tim Boyle/Getty)