We love us some Krispy Kreme (we’re STILL salivating over that soon-to-be-released lemon flavor!), and we also love Oreos (despite recent wacky releases like Hot & Spicy), so combining the two would practically be a dream come true. But brace yourselves, sweets fans, because that’s exactly what the iconic brands have given us with the release of their brand new OREO Cookies and Kreme DONUTS.

As Krispy Kreme confirmed in a press release, the treat is made up of an unglazed, heart-shaped donut filled with an Oreo cookie “kreme,” then dipped in dark chocolate and topped with Oreo cookie crumbles plus red icing drizzle. YUM.

The treat is part of the chain’s annual Valentine’s Day collection, which features a plethora of other love-inspired goodies: Check them out below!

1. Happy Heart: This smiling heart donut is not only too cute for words, it’s also plenty delicious, too, thanks to its strawberry frosting icing. Honestly, we’re smiling just looking at this thing.

2. Sprinkle Heart: This heart-shaped sprinkles donut is classic and also totally Gram-worthy.

3. Chocolate Iced With Sprinkles: And, for those who just want a little added flair with their everyday donut, there’s this old-school fave.

You can get your hands on the new Oreo treat along with the rest of the swoon-worthy collection, from now through Feb 14 at participating Krispy Kreme locations for roughly $1.70 each or $10.70 for an assorted dozen, with prices varying by locale.

We can’t wait to dig into these cuties!

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(Photos via Krispy Kreme)