Kylie Jenner isn’t exactly known for doing what you’re supposed to do. One of the main reasons she’s famous and set to claim the throne in 2017 is because she’s willing to cross the line, no matter what eyebrow-raising, jaw-dropping feat that might involve. This time around, she’s opted for a new tattoo that’s basically the one thing you’re NEVER supposed to get.

The cameras were quick to catch Kylie’s latest addition when she stepped out in side-tied black leather pants and white sneaks. Without socks, it was easy to see the little tattoo that’s been inked on her ankle by celebrity tattoo artist Rafael Valdez.

One letter. An initial. T for Tyga.

Granted, it’s a teeny, tiny tattoo (not like the giant one Tyga got of Kylie’s name) on a spot that’s not totally noticeable and, TBH, could be easily be lasered off or transformed into something else if necessary. But yowza.

Anyone will tell you that getting your S.O.’s name (or even initial) tattooed on you is risky business. Who wants to bet on a cover-up in the future?

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(h/t BET)