How to Win Summer With DIY Lawn Games
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How to Win Summer With DIY Lawn Games

Who doesn’t love lawn games? It’s like field day and picnics met up, got busy and came up with a whole collection of extremely chill sports. We love the leisurely nature that accompanies lawn games, coupled with just enough competition to make any day in the sun pretty dang fun. For this very official day of games, we teamed up with Kia to trick out an entire lawn with a half-dozen games you can fit in your car.

If you tend to be the planner in your group, you’re probably also the person that’s got lots of “just in case” goodies in the trunk of your car. I know I do! You never know when you might pass a grassy patch of lawn just ripe for a round of Olympic games ;)

The Kia Sportage is designed with adventure in mind. It’s perfect for folks who are all about impromptu expeditions, unusual experiences and gatherings with the people you care about most. Now, let the games begin!


Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin, I came to win. How could we resist a ‘90s hip hop reference? Especially when we’re not only talking about packing an efficient trunk filled with lawn games, but also about straight up WINNING. House of Pain had no idea we’d turn “Jump Around” into a lawn games anthem, but here we are and we came to get down. So now that we’ve covered our throwback jams, it’s time to unpack this lawn game extravaganza!


You’re just an armful of pillows away from a seriously comfy hang zone. Lay out a big blanket (or outdoor rug!), scatter tons of plush pillows and lounge away!


Olympians need some fuel between games! Stock a table full of tasty, easy-to-eat treats to keep your fellow athletes happy.

How cute are those mini cupcake flags?

We recommend skipping the paper plates and going with sectioned serving trays. That way, people can take a little bit of everything without worrying about salsa running into cupcakes — though that sounds kinda good, right? ;)

Pro Tip: Lidded mason jars = No drink spillage while killing it at that cornhole game.


You can definitely find some swoon-worthy lawn games in stores, but we also recommend creating at least a few of our very own DIY ones.


You guys, giant tumbling towers of blocks are where it’s AT. We’re not sure we can go back to the normal-sized version after playing this one. We gussied up our set with a few coats of colorful house paint to really make it pop.

This one is a cinch to make — grab some paint and a few brushes and coat the outer edges of each block. Let them dry, then stack ‘em up.


If you thought normal-sized games were intense, wait ‘til you try the giant version. That moment when it falls is EXTREME and we kinda love it.

Our gals Misty and Irene were legitimately scared when this tower toppled!


Ring toss just got a very adorable upgrade. Can you believe we made these out of cardboard boxes? Follow along to see how it’s done.

Grab a large piece of cardboard and draw a simple potted cactus. (Make sure the arms are thinner than the rings you’ll be tossing!) Cut it out with a utility knife. Cut a long, thin strip from the bottom to the middle of the cactus. Then trace the cactus onto a new piece of cardboard and cut it out. On this second cactus, cut out a long, thin strip from the top to the middle.

Make sure the two cacti can comfortably sit perpendicular to one another.

Time to paint!

This game is LEGIT and it fostered some serious competition :)


Ah, our beloved cornhole. If you ask us, this game should be mandatory at all outdoor festivities. If you don’t want to DIY it from scratch, try this simple paint facelift for your very own custom set.

Make a simple pattern with painter’s tape on each board.

Paint, paint and paint! We used leftover house paint and a small roller, but this could be done with acrylic or spray paint too.

Once the paint has dried, remove the tape. Easy peasy!

We’re lovin’ the summery candy stripe vibes on this one.


Not to toot our own horn, but we discovered a genius way to keep track of the score: Use window paint on the Kia Sportage’s back window! BTW, Team Orange totally won ;)

There you have it! All the fixin’s to bust out all of these lawn games in any setting. Game on, peeps!

What are your go-to lawn games? Which one should we DIY next? Tweet at us @BritandCo!

This post is a collaboration with Kia.

Author: Anjelika Temple

Production + Styling: Anita Yung, Irene Lee, Maddie Bachelder, Ashley Perlman + Micaela Friedman

Photography: Chris Andre