Lazy Girl Hair Has Officially Reached New Heights
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Lazy Girl Hair Has Officially Reached New Heights

As a strong proponent of lazy-girl fashion, you wouldn’t be caught dead in anything other than relaxed silhouettes and statement sneakers. And the same pared-down approach applies to your beauty routine too; bedhead, topknots and don’t-care ‘dos are your go-to. That #wokeuplikethis aesthetic never rang more true than this season, with undone looks dominating the New York Fashion Week runways. It’s official: Lazy girl hair is having a moment, and it has never been lazier.

1. Barely Giving AF Buns: These hairstyles weren’t just your average lightly tousled ‘dos spotted on the red carpet or your fave Insta feeds. At Adam Selman, models were seen sporting half-finished twists, culminating in unruly front buns woven with styling clips and over-the-top barrettes. (Photo via Mireya Acierto/Getty)

2. Can’t Be Bothered to Dry Updos: Thakoon took a slightly more toned-down approach to the trend, opting for a just-out-of-the-shower style, complete with wet locks and free-falling tresses to create a sophisticated-yet-fuss-free aesthetic. (Photo via Anna Webber/Getty)

3. I Don’t Even Own a Comb Looks: Even Alexander Wang got in on the trend, with windswept, surfer-chic manes reigning supreme. While these runway-ready styles were made possible by a team of pros — and an arsenal of style tools, top-notch products and time — they made the argument for making the best of less-than-perfect hair days (and mornings when you have zero time to spare), something that happens on the regular thanks to an increase in precipitation (hello, frizz) come fall. (Photo via Ben Gabbe/Getty)

4. I Couldn’t Care Less Side Parts: The next time you’re faced with out-of-control kinks, crazy bangs or greasy hair, go with it, girl. Just make sure to bring along the confidence (and the right duds, like this 3.1 Phillip Lim look) to totally nail it. (Photo via Albert Urso/Getty)

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