It’s no surprise to see Lena Dunham‘s Girls dressing room is as colorful as her quirky sense of humor. A recent tour of Dunham’s lovely “lady cave” on My Domaine revealed pastel walls, geometric prints and whimsical art work. But even more inspiring than her eclectic interior? The fact that everything is totally DIY-able! Check out highlights from the interview below, along with our ideas for how to recreate the charming look in your own home.

Dunham told My Domaine that she uses her pastel pink lounge for “40% work, 30% nap, and 30% snack.” Because she spends 80% of her day working at the studio she wanted a retreat where she could “meditate, rewrite, secretly snack, and yes, nap HARD.” She also uses the room as a meeting space with the cast and writing staff.

Next to her couch, Dunham has two metallic tables of different heights, one for a lamp and one for trinkets. DIY a copper side table (or two) for your living room. Even if you have a small space, these slender tables won’t take up too much floor but they make a big impact.

We love the patterned rug Dunham threw down in her dressing room. A colorful floor can really brighten up a space, so try your hand at making your own big patterned rug with all the colors you want to incorporate.

Dunham told My Domaine that this studio was her house “on steroids.” Dunham shares her home with boyfriend Jack Antonoff, so her love of pink and patterns had to be toned down a bit. When it came to decorating this personal “lady cave” she got to go crazy with pinks, layers of pastels, bright colors, prints galore and spirited accessories.

Do you have a few glass vases sitting around? Follow this DIY by A Subtle Revelry and paint them white to create a more unified vignette. Dunham is rocking the perfectly styled coffee table and we love Design for Soul’s DIY color blocked tray for holding flowers and candles. Hey Lena, need another pretty coffee table book? Homemakers would sure fit right in, don’t ya think?

Dunham is an avid bargain hunter and loves going to Esty for finding quirky pieces of decor. She also goes to sites like online vintage marketplaces to find statement furniture and for trendy pieces, Dunham often checks out some of our favorite stores like West Elm and Anthropologie. “It’s the way I get my fix of faddish things (ikat, tons of Lucite) without regretting the expense.”

We love the informal feel of a drink station in the office. Instead of going all out with a bar cart, just put out a tray on a side table for a colorful way to keep all your drinks (or vitamins, in Dunham’s case) neatly organized. Check out The Everygirl’s tips on how to style a bar without a bar cart. If you’re looking for some fun wall art but you’re artistically challenged, try this DIY fun marbling art from Violet Tinder. Obviously you can never have too many cute little dishes sitting around, waiting to catch jewelry, snacks or whatever. Dress up some plain white dishes with a dash of watercolor effect with this DIY from Sugar and Charm.

Creating a cozy and colorful workspace has had an incredibly positive effect on Dunham. Like she mentioned in the interview, you can’t work to the best of your abilities in an uninspiring work environment. So whether you need to add a colorful throw pillow or some eclectic desk accessories, take some inspiration from the fabulous Dunham and pimp out your space.

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(h/t My Domaine)