Attention, earthlings. We have just been invaded by aliens鈥 at least that鈥檚 what it looks like. In actuality, these light spirals are all part of a series by 25-year-old British photographer Martin Kimbell called Lights.

Believe it or not, these are actual photographs 鈥 not digital renderings on Photoshop. Using long exposure techniques and hoops lined with LED lights, Martin is able to create these crazy-looking light forms. He leaves the camera shutter open anywhere from 30 seconds up to an hour while he tosses the lit up hoop up into the night sky. The result? Intricate ribbons of light that sort of remind us of our favorite childhood toy: The Slinky. Everyone loves a slinky鈥

The concept of tornado lights was inspired by Arizona photographer Stu Jenks, who uses light and fire to create a similar effect in his work. Kimbell calls this technique light painting. 鈥淲hat I love about light painting is that it gives me a level of control and creative freedom which is rare in most forms of photography. Through the adding of different light patterns, or by illuminating it differently, I can completely transform the scene,鈥 he says.

We don鈥檛 know about you guys, but we are totally inspired to do some light paintings after seeing these bad boys. They make us think back to when we were kids (ahem 鈥 last week) and tried to spell out our name in the air with sparklers while our friend snapped a photo. It鈥檚 like capturing the speed of light!

Imagine hiring this guy to take your wedding photos! Even if you鈥檙e not planning a space-themed affair, we can envision some pretty creative stuff happening with Martin behind the camera, LED hoop in hand.

We鈥檇 love to see a version of this with something non-round, like a stick lined in string lights. We can only imagine what that would look like, but one thing鈥檚 for sure: The chances of it looking like space invaders is very, very high. And we鈥檙e not complaining!

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(h/t This Is Colossel + Metro)