We know 鈥 Halloween isn鈥檛 exactly around the corner 鈥 but that doesn鈥檛 mean that you don鈥檛 need to get a leg up on the office party competition with a next-level, budget-friendly costume. We are here to help you hack your way to greatness with a simple DIY聽Halloween聽costume that can come straight from your closet. First up is a look that has a hint of nostalgia 鈥 The Little Red Riding Hood costume. Let鈥檚 bring it wayyyy back to stories from when we were itty bitty.




鈥 red cape or piece of red fabric

鈥 white peasant blouse

鈥 black corset-style belt

鈥 white lace trim apron

鈥 red maxi skirt

鈥 black boots

鈥 basket

The great thing about this costume is that you can go super simple and just wear a skirt, white tee and red hoodie, or you can add some upgrades 鈥 like the apron and peasant blouse 鈥 like we did.

Easy enough, right?!

Don鈥檛 forget, the key to this costume is a simple red maxi skirt. Learn how to sew one yourself in our e-class! Now, what鈥檚 in that basket?! ;)

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