Ever start cleaning your parents’ garage and stumble upon a precious box of film? After finding it, you vow to take it to a photo printing store, but once again… it’s left there collecting dust and you forget about the film until your next trip home.

Well film lovers, have we got news for you! The geniuses at Lomography figured out a way to ensure that your photos are no longer forgotten. They’ve created the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner, where you can literally scan your film and share your photos right away! Now, you can show everyone how your dad really was the original hipster.

Seeking funding over on Kickstarter, this photographic gadget has our hearts in a tizzy. At first glance, we thought it was one of those old school cameras, but unlike those cameras, this is small, portable, and even a little bit futuristic.

All you need to do to scan your film is insert the film at one end, your smartphone on the other end, turn on the backlight and voila! Scan to your heart’s content. And when we scan, what we really mean is that your phone is taking a backlit photo of the film you feed through.

Of course, no photo-sharing gadget would be complete without filters! You can use one to create a panoramic photo, and another filter helps you create movies. So cool!

The photos below, scanned by the Lomography scanner, look pretty amazing. Love the film borders! You can get your own by heading over to Kickstarter and pledging $60. A pretty fly deal considering all the old photos and memories you’ll be able to preserve.

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