For fashion and beauty lovers, the most annoying thing about Pinterest and Instagram is that the gorgeous content you get so easily lost in isn’t all just about fashion and beauty. Unless you’re a star curator, you most likely have to scroll through gorgeous snaps of food or pics of your pal and her boo documenting their love during every moment of their epic vacay when you’re actually trying to search for badass braid inspo or easy ways to step up your #OOTD game. Knowing this, the creators of a new site have taken the best features of those inspirational giants — a clean and easy interface, tons of top-notch content and an almost addictive quality that keeps us scrolling and cataloging things we love — and dedicated them solely to the subject of style. Say goodbye to random pictures of ombre furniture trying to creep into your balayage board.


Looklist calls itself a “curated fashion and hairstyle inspiration engine,” and that description is right on the money. If you’re ready to switch up your hairstyle, curate the perfect look for an event or just fall down a beautiful rabbit hole of images pulled together by very stylish people, its only two portals — style and hair — can give you exactly what you’re looking for.


The first thing you’ll notice about the site is that it’s pretty. Like really. Everything on the site is curated, as in, blurry selfies or dimly lit mirror shots are not allowed on Looklist. That means all the content is pulled from high-quality bloggers and stylists from all over the world who know their ish. The search settings are equally meticulous: you can search by detailed tags or filters like type or garment, material, pattern and color for evvverybody (In the hair tab, you can search photos by similarly select filters, including length, hair texture and even by beards. Yes, there’s a *beard* filter). If you find something you really like — a new trend to try or a swoon-worthy hair color — you can zoom in on similar looks with the click of a button. Regardless of what you’re looking for, there’s no fluff in between.

And what’s coming next from Looklist might be what really sets it apart from Pinterest and Insta: site tools that help you seamlessly collaborate with other users. Looklists says its additions could span everything from allowing you to share specific sets or even keeping track of clients’ measurements or color formulas. All we have to say is, bring on the next-level style inspo.

Take a spin and tell us: Will you be using this tool for your style inspiration from now on? Tell us what you think in the comments below!