Most of us have a go-to lipstick. But a go-to lipstick that we know will last us through dinner? That’s another story — and quite frankly, one of the biggest annoyances about rocking a bold lip shade. Because really, who wants to get up mid-meal to reapply? If you’re looking for something that’ll actually make it through the dessert menu, we suggest giving MAC’s newest collection a try.

The classic beauty brand just unveiled their most recent lipstick collection, and damn, we kind of need all of it. The new line is called “Liptensity” and is the most pigmented lipstick the brand has ever created.

The collection includes 24 colors, and WWD has even dubbed it “the most technologically advanced lip product to date.” That probably has a little something to do with its “high-frequency tetrachromatic pigments.” Tetrachromacy is a rare condition which enables someone to see more than 100 times the number of colors the average person can. MAC recruited tetrachromat Maureen Seaberg to help with this line, which explains its next-level colors.

Additionally, the reinvigorated formula has a clear base rather than an opaque one. So what you see in the tube is exactly what you’re getting upon application. These new lippies hit stores on September 20 and online September 21. Get ’em before they’re gone, beauty buffs.

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