Move over, macaron, there’s a new French delicacy taking the spotlight. Madeleines! Much easier to master than the other “m word” (no tricky egg whites to wrestle with!) you’ll love these 12 sweet and savory petite treats. Work these personal-size delights into your next summer-themed fête — their shell-shape makes them a natural fit! And once you’ve found your favorite recipe, think about giving them a quick dip color block treatment. Sacrebleu, indeed!

1. Vanilla Bean Madeleine: Freckled with a generous amount of vanilla bean, you cannot go wrong with this classic version. (via Princess Tofu)

2. Blueberry Ricotta Pancake Dippers: Blueberry pancakes in madeleine form are totally precious and delightfully portable. (via Everyday Southwest)

3. Date and Earl Grey Tea Madeleines With Muscovado Dip: These madeleines have next-level flavor courtesy of a citrusy tea infusion, sweet dates and a homemade caramel sauce for dipping. (via The Seventh Duchess)

4. Savoury Madeleines: How great are these cake-free madeleines? Beaten eggs are poured over bundles of sausage and bacon and baked to create an unexpectedly elegant handheld breakfast. (via Capture by Lucy)

5. Cherry Amaretto Madeleine: Cherry and almond go together like peanut butter and jelly. Go for the trifecta of flavor combos by dipping the baked madeleines in dark chocolate! (via Port and Fin)

6. Orange Cardamom Madeleines: An orange glaze plays up the citrusy scent of cardamom in these tiny cakes. (via Martha Stewart)

7. Rustic Pistachio Madeleines: Adapted from the award-winning Bouchon Bakery cookbook, you know these nutty cakes are worth all the fuss. (via Hummingbird High)

8. Gluten-Free La Petite Madeleine: Brown butter and vanilla bean team up to flavor these madeleines that are all, like, “Whaaat? Who needs gluten?” (via Gluten-Free Canteen)

9. Parmesan Herb Madeleines: Looking to mix up your next bread basket? Give these savory madeleines a go instead! (via Lemons and Anchovies)

10. Chocolate and Honey Madeleines: Look out, brownie bites. These heady-scented madeleines are your new competition. (via Set Meal)

11. Raspberry Lime Madeleines: How gorgeous are these rouge-colored cakes? Dotted with a raspberry and enrobed in a raspberry-lime glaze, a bite reveals the yellow sponge cake interior! (via Today’s Nest)

12. Pumpkin Madeleine Tiramisu: Layers of crumbled madeleines, whipped cream and brown sugar-sweetened pumpkin combine to create a pumpkin recipe suitable for year-round enjoyment. (via I Talk to Food)

Have you ever made madeleines? Or is picking up a pack in the coffee shop line more your thing? Let’s chat in the comments!