So, your adorable little sweetie is fussy. Lucky for you, gone are the days when Mom and Dad had to drive baby around, bounce her, or put her car seat on a spinning clothes dryer just to get her to calm down. That’s totally unnecessary now — at least if you’ve got the new mamaRoo4 ($220+)! It’s not the cheapest baby sleep solution, but it may help to know that some of that money goes to charity. Check out what this tech-savvy piece of awesomeness can do for you and your baby.

What Is It? 

The new fourth-generation mamaRoo “moves like you do.” Of course, nothing can take your place, but this super-seat moves in ways that comfort your little one when you need a break. The mamaRoo4 has five different motion settings, including car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye, and wave. With so many options, one of them is bound to strike baby as just right.

What Does It Do?

Through its constant motion, the mamaRoo soothes, calms, and relaxes your baby. That movement is so very magical, more than 350 hospitals trust it. If the medical pros are all in, it must have something that babies respond to.

4moms (the techy creator of the mamaRoo) CEO and co-founder Rob Daley says, “Doctors and nurses have found it transformational in caring for preemies and babies with severe conditions.” Daley goes on to add, “When parents can’t be there or the NICU staff is too busy, the mamaRoo offers a safe and soothing option for the tiniest, fussiest patients.”

How Is It Different From Other Baby Chairs?

They bounce, they vibrate, and they swing back and forth. You know them — they’re the baby chairs. If you’re wondering what’s so different about the mamaRoo, picture how you move when you’re rocking baby — you’re not vibrating or bouncing like you’re on a trampoline. It’s also pretty likely you’re not swinging either. The mamaRoo moves like you, not like a machine. This gives baby an added sense of comfort and helps to calm her in a natural way.

What Does mamaRoo Have to Do with Charity?

This company doesn’t just want to help you — they also want to help other families in need. And that’s why they’ve partnered with Project Sweet Peas, a national non-profit that provides support to families of preemies and sick infants. They also offer services to families affected by pregnancy or infant loss.

Through the end of the year, 4moms is donating four percent of the proceeds from the mamaRoo (up to $100,000) to Project Sweet Peas in the form of new infant seats. This donation will allow the mamaRoo to reach an even larger NICU population and provide mamaRoos directly to families in need.

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(Photos via 4moms)