We’ve shared modern candle holders and the many ways to DIY candles with you, but what’s most important when it comes to candles is the aroma! Whether you enjoy the scent of a man’s cologne, want to gift a guy a candle, are prepping for Father’s Day or just love “manly” smelling notes like tobacco, woodsmoke, cedar and leather, we have the candles for you. These mandles (if you will) smell good, look good and therefore make life good.

1. Teakwood and Tobacco Soy ($16): Purchased and loved by yours truly, this candle smells so good it could be made into a cologne. Soy wax burns cleaner and slower than regular paraffin wax, so there’s that too.

2. Paddywax Edgar Allen Poe ($24): Here’s another great soy wax, cologne-smelling, not-too-pricey candle. Each candle in Paddywax’s Library Edition represents an author and features a well-known quote.

3. Catbird Campfire Candle ($32): Mmmmsmokey! The campfire candle made in New York City is the perfect balance of sweet and rustic.

4. Gunpowder Soy Candle ($12): Did you know astronauts describe the moon as smelling like burnt gunpowder? The small tin candle is great for travel and for bringing you a little bit closer to all of your lunar dreams.

5. Mine Design Flint Candle ($25): Flint makes six California-inspired candles such as smokey flint, old records and tobacco. Basically, they’re a bohemian’s dream candle.

6. Man Candle ($15): The quite literal Man Candles are made inside real soup cans that are purchased and donated to a soup kitchen before being made into candles. The scents range from coffee, to campfires, to NY-style pizza and bacon.

7. Joe Candle by 2550 Degrees ($38): From Portland, Orgeon, 2550 Degrees offers five amazing all-natural manly scents. The Joe candle burns whiskey, woodsmoke, leather, oak moss and cedarwood. Check out the others named Kurt, Luc, Clive and Lee.

8. Malin + Goetz Tobacco Candle ($52): Made by Italian apothecary and skincare line Malin + Goetz, the tobacco scent gives you all your rugged man dreams without the nasty habits. Also check out Dark Rum.

9. Kentucky Bourbon Candle ($28): Created in recycled wine bottles, these eco-friendly and all-natural candles are a favorite among whiskey, bourbon, rye and Kentucky lovers who live in Chicago, where the burners are made.

10. Figue Noir Candle ($60): One word: sexy. A couple of more words: luxurious and complex. This candle is by far the best-smelling thing this nose has personally ever experienced. It comes complete with notes of black fig, vetiver grass and juniper berry — but really, you gotta smell it to understand it.

11. Molton Brown Firefly Embers ($49): May we present to you another wondrous woody candle full of campfires and aged leather.

12. Books Candle ($49): For the book lovers out there who love the scent of paper, here is a unique scent brought to you by the French publishing house Assouline in their library collection.

13. Mainley Manly Candle ($29) Made in Maine from 100% recycled paper and glass, each jar is hand painted and transforms your room into a cabin in the woods.

14. Voluspa Maison Noir Lichen and Vetiver Candle ($27): A coconut wax blend in a dark glass filled with earthy lichen moss, Indian vetiver and clean aqua notes, it’s one of those insanely luxurious candles where words don’t do the scent justice.

What’s your favorite candle? Do you like more of a feminine or masculine scent? Let us know in the comments below!