Confession time, gang 鈥 I鈥檓 starting to get sad that The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel鈥檚 first season is only eight episodes. I like this show more and more with every passing episode, and it seems like there should be more than just two episodes left. Fortunately for us, Amazon has already picked up the show for a second season.

Until then, let鈥檚 enjoy these last few offerings we have. Episode six might actually be my favorite episode so far, because it gives us such great stuff between Midge and Susie. Their relationship is clearly going to be the heart of the show as it goes on, and I love that. I especially like how Randall didn鈥檛 turn into a new love interest for Midge. Instead, the episode ended with her falling into Susie鈥檚 arms, rather than Randall鈥檚 or, God forbid, Joel鈥檚. Well done, show.

But how did we get there? Well, Midge discovers that she can really hold court at parties, so she starts working the 鈥渃ircuit,鈥 using her connections at B. Altman鈥檚 to get invited to soirees where she can practice her material. However, when Susie is invited to one, she sees what we all see 鈥 this is not stand-up. It鈥檚 playing to an entirely different (and easier) audience than what Midge will see in clubs, and it鈥檚 a safe space for her.

It makes total sense that Midge would want that kind of comfort level after the two times she bombed in the previous episode, but luckily for her, Susie is there to talk some sense into her about how it鈥檚 time to stop licking her wounds and get back out there.

In regards to Randall and his agent, Lew Fogelman, Susie is absolutely right that Midge A) doesn鈥檛 need a partner, and B) shouldn鈥檛 have spoken to other representation behind Susie鈥檚 back. But it wasn鈥檛 anything nefarious on Midge鈥檚 part. Plus, I think she and Randall do have nice chemistry and patter together. I actually wouldn鈥檛 mind if they occasionally worked together, as long as Midge doesn鈥檛 abandon her solo work to go hawk Buicks.

That鈥檚 really about all there is to Midge鈥檚 story line this week, which is also kind of cool. While I still could not care less about Joel, who is having some serious regret about what he did to his life, I do like seeing more of Midge鈥檚 family.

Her brother Noah is awesome, because you know he鈥檒l totally be in her corner when her parents find out about her comedy work. And his wife is annoying, but she鈥檚 trying so hard and seems very sweet. She鈥檚 never going to win over her mother-in-law, Rose, but what can ya do?

Speaking of Rose, we saw her go to her psychic once before, and now that she鈥檚 done it again, I hope it鈥檒l become a regular thing. She and Drina are hilarious together, and it really humanizes Rose 鈥 something her rigid character desperately needs.

It was also great to see the more human side of Abe. He gets a job offer from his dream workplace 鈥 Bell Labs 鈥 and he鈥檚 giddy as a schoolboy about it. Unfortunately, during his background check for the job, they find out about Midge鈥檚 arrests. Bell Labs doesn鈥檛 care in the slightest, but it is quite the bombshell to drop on the uptight Mr. Weissman.

His zoning out during a family dinner while he contemplates what to do about this newfound information is a perfect juxtaposition with the two underground record collectors deciding to turn a recording of Midge鈥檚 first Gaslight performance into an album. Because that鈥檚 another bomb just waiting to be dropped on the Upper West Side.

Odds and Ends

I will repeat that I cannot get enough of Drina and Rose.

Rose: 鈥淚f the secretary were just out of the picture, Joel would come back.鈥

Drina: 鈥淵ou want her out of the picture? I have cousins. They have skills.鈥

Rose: 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry?鈥

Drina: 鈥淣othing.鈥

Rose: 鈥淏eing a divorcee is terrible, yes, but being on your second marriage is 鈥斺

Drina: 鈥淲orse.鈥

Rose: 鈥淪o much worse. Second marriage says failure. At least divorcee sounds continental. It鈥檇 be better if Joel had died. Then she鈥檇 be a widow; at least there鈥檚 dignity in that.鈥

Drina: 鈥淵ou want Joel to die? Again with the cousins.鈥

Rose: 鈥淚 don鈥檛 understand.鈥

Drina: 鈥淥K, I give up.鈥

Susie: 鈥淵ou鈥檙e not an idiot! Just drop this doe-eyed Bambi thing right now. I鈥檓 so sick of you acting all innocent. 鈥極h, I don鈥檛 know how the world works 鈥檆ause I鈥檓 a housewife and I wear four layers of petticoats.鈥 It is tired and it is weak, and you are not tired and you are not f*cking weak. And if you wanna be a comic, you are gonna have to grow the f*ck up right now!鈥

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