Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are returning to a screen near you! While the famous twins officially retired from acting in 2012 to instead focus on their fashion careers, you’ll soon be able to enjoy the peak of their movie-making days on Hulu, which is releasing three classic Olsen twin films.

Beginning May 1, Hulu subscribers will be able to stream Billboard Dad (1998), Passport to Paris (1999), and Switching Goals (1999).

Since it’s probably been a few years (or a couple of decades) since you watched any of the three movies, here’s a brief refresher. Billboard Dad sees Mary-Kate and Ashley as twins on a quest to set up their widowed father, Maxwell Tyler (Tom Amandes). Their plan involves putting his face on a billboard — hence the title of the film — which attracts more attention than they were expecting.

In Passport to Paris, the sisters hop on a plane and fly across the ocean to visit their grandpa Edward (Peter White) in the city of lights, where they fall for two charming French boys.

And in Switching Goals — which came out the same year as Passport to Paris but features a very different storyline — the identical soccer-playing siblings swap places on rival teams to prove a point while also scoring points.

If these now-nostalgic stories were a part of your childhood, be sure to check out all three films when they hit Hulu at the beginning of May.

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(Photo via Barry King/WireImage)