No matter how stealthily you pack for your outdoor adventures, there’s no easy way to efficiently minimize the bulk of the blanket. From crafty folding to your sister’s suggestion to “try rolling it!” to totally unnecessary vacuum-sealed set-ups, these solutions only make adventure prep more of a pain-in-the-a than the inevitable task of toting around a bulging bag. That’s until Matador saved the day by making your load lighter with its line of ultra-mini blankets that fit in your palm or pocket.

About as thick as an old-school iPad when folded and less than 90 microns thick when unfurled, the Matador blanket is a super space-saving solution for day trippers who want a no-fuss way to lounge. Since it’s so teeny-tiny, you can practically keep it with you at all times just in case adventure calls — slip it into the cargo-pocket of your hiking pants, place it inside the glove compartment for impromptu road trips or keep it tucked inside your go-to tote and you’re practically prepared for your mid-trip pit stop.

Just because it’s small doesn’t mean the Matador doesn’t pack a punch when it comes to durability. Made of HyprLyte Nylon, the waterproof and puncture-resistant blanket is designed with weighted corners, making it an all-weather, all-terrain shield. The 55-inch model comfortably fits two (or more if you’re feeling snuggly) — perfect for staking out your territory at summer festivals — while the 28-inch wide Matador Mini is designed for one-bum only. Think of the Mini as a less plush yoga mat, though don’t expect glamping-levels of comfort from either of the the tissue-thin Matadors — really, that’s not the point at all.

Besides its OMG-worthy compactness, our favorite detail of Matador is that it’s designed with an easy-pack pattern: Think of it like a sleekly stitched blueprint that makes re-folding the blanket back to its pint-sized packaging a total breeze. That means saying goodbye to your getaway will be just a little more effortless than it’s been before — both on you (byyyeee, beautiful sunset ;( ) + your back. Currently, both styles of the Matador are temporarily sold out, but you can sign up for an email notification for when the blankets are back and when you should start cleaning out your pockets.

Where would you take your Matador blanket? What other travel gadgets help you pack more efficiently and get going’ faster than before? Tell us in the comments below.