In just two weeks, on May 19, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will say their 鈥業 do鈥檚 at the St. George鈥檚 Chapel inside Windsor Castle. But after the newlyweds climb into their carriage, they won鈥檛 immediately head off on their honeymoon.

Despite reports that they would be jet-setting off to Namibia, the lovebirds will not take flight for their dream South African adventure post-nuptials. According to Kensington Palace spokesman Jason Knauf, who spoke to People, 鈥淭he couple will be going on honeymoon, but not straightaway.鈥

There鈥檚 good reason for that. As Knauf revealed, 鈥淭hey will have their first engagement as a married couple in the week after the wedding.鈥

Once that鈥檚 taken care of, however, Travel + Leisurereports that they will likely head to the luxurious estates at the Hoanib Valley Camp , located in the middle of the Namibia desert.

It wouldn鈥檛 be the first time Prince Harry whisked his love off to Africa: Back in August, the duo celebrated the actress鈥 36th birthday in Botswana 鈥 the same country from which the prince sourced the center diamond for his bride-to-be鈥檚 yellow gold diamond engagement ring.

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(Photos via Kirsty Wigglesworth/AFP + Alastair Grant/Getty)