While Melania Trump may have plans to mostly return to her New York-based life now that the election is over, she still has a handful of duties to take care of as the almost-First Lady. And while the inauguration planning continues to hit (embarrassing) road-bumps despite it being just days away, Melania has at least managed to overcome one hurdle. Despite many designers swearing to have nothing to do with her, at least one designer is willing to dress Mrs. Trump for the big event.

Melania Trump and Donald Trump

Though Ralph Lauren himself stepped down as CEO in 2015, WWD is reporting that his company is currently rumored to be working on a gown for Melania meant for the January 20th inauguration. While this is surely good news for Melania, it’s raised some eyebrows, as Lauren was a vocal Hillary Clinton supporter during the election, even designing those now-famous pantsuits (which you can actually slay in your own style, BTW).

Perhaps even more surprising is the other designer rumored to be dressing Melania: Karl Lagerfeld.

No matter who the designer ends up being, it’s sure to be a conversation starter!

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(h/t Harper’s Bazaar; photo via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty)