After going through puberty, menopause can be one of the scariest transitions of womanhood. Hot flashes, mood swings, chaotic hormones… it sounds less than ideal. And considering the fact that women are waiting longer and longer to have kids, it can often feel like this sort of ticking time bomb. It’s most common for it to arrive in your 50s, but that’s not to say it couldn’t come a little earlier. If you’re not-so-secretly hoping you just get to skip the change altogether, it looks like that might *actually* be a possibility.

Greek scientist Konstantinos Sfakianoudis and his team have recently conducted a study where they injected menopausal women with platelet-rich plasma (PRP). They used PRP because it’s known to trigger the growth of tissue and blood vessels and is also commonly used to help wounds heal faster. Sfakianoudis claims that after PRP was injected into these women (one of which hasn’t had a period in five years), the menstrual cycles of these menopausal women were restarted. Additionally, they were able to even fertilize eggs that were released.

New Scientist writes, “If the results hold up to wider scrutiny, the technique may boost declining fertility in older women, allow women with early menopause to get pregnant, and help stave off the detrimental health effects of menopause.” According to another recent study, 25 is the ideal age to be pregnant (health-wise), which is arguably a few years younger than today’s average pregnant woman. This new study could be a game changer for those who start this facet of life a little later on.

Yes, to all of this.

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