Halloween and mermaids are two things we take very seriously at Brit + Co. From mermaid hair to glittery mermaid manis and shimmering mermaid makeup, there isn鈥檛 a single element of mermaid life we don鈥檛 absolutely love. And now, with Halloween just around the corner, it鈥檚 about time we got serious about perfecting our mermaid costumes. Here are 19 of our favorite Halloween costumes to help you make your 鈥渙ff-duty mermaid鈥 game stronger than ever.

1. Sequined Mermaid Dress: We鈥檙e having mermaid overload just looking at that sequined dress in the perfect shade of 鈥渕ermaid tail鈥 green. Paired with some badass makeup and that next-level fishtail braid, this chick is a real life Halloween princess.

2. Vampire Mermaid: This girl killed it with her iridescent makeup fish scales and the aquatic-themed gems on her face. Paired with those bloody streaks and that awesome undereye makeup? It鈥檚 vampire-mermaid hybrid love.

Hipster Mermaid Halloween Costume

3. Celina Ladies Hipster Mermaid Costume ($33): Everything about this hipster mermaid look is perfect 鈥 from that wig and those glasses down to her hipster-friendly high tops. This look is picture perfect and we鈥檒l leave it at that (don鈥檛 even get us started on those metallic fish scale tights or the seashell crop top).

4. Purple Mermaid: Draw inspiration from this lilac mermaid costume, complete with purple fish scale makeup and a pearl-bedazzled seashell top. That hair, though? Pure (mermaid) magic.

5. Festival Mermaid: We鈥檙e obsessed with this pastel mermaid鈥檚 festival-ready look in that shell-printed top and glittery makeup that鈥檚 simply to die for. The double layer pearl necklace and that coral headpiece are seriously hot AF for any 鈥淚t鈥-girl in the making.

6. Pastel Mermaid Nails: The only thing that could make #5鈥檚 festival-ready look even more perfect? These ah-mazing nails in this coordinating color scheme, complete with sparkling gold fish scales. We love 鈥檈m (and we gotta have 鈥檈m).

7. Mermaid Couples Costume: This pastel mermaid looks like part of our world (sorry, we had to) in that lavender wig and her perfectly color-coordinated two-tone costume. Her S.O. opted for a King Triton-inspired look, with a long bearded wig and an honest-to-goodness trident.

8. Cool AF Mermaid Leggings: Ditch the classic two-piece costume and opt for these ultra-trendy scale print tights instead. You鈥檒l be the coolest sea creature at the party and a trendsetter among all merpeople 鈥 guaranteed.

9. Teal Mermaid Vibes: If mermaids have 鈥淚t鈥 girls, we鈥檝e found her. Teal ombre hair, ocean-hued gemstones, glittery highlighter and that underwater shirt? We just died and went to #trending heaven.

10. Hot Mermaid Group: These girls are slaying as a group of sultry mermaids 鈥 each rocking a different variation of that signature fish-scale print. In a stroke of pure Halloween genius, they added those boho headpieces and that smokin鈥 hot facial glitter for an overall look that is dope.com.

11. Must-HaveMermaid Nails: These gotta-get mermaid nails feature ombr茅 shades of aquatic colored glitter underneath painted-on scales. Then she added some ocean-themed gems to complete the best underwater mani we鈥檝e ever seen.

12. Pageant Mermaid: We鈥檙e basically in love with her DIY shell-top and crown. Layer some necklaces and apply some blue makeup to make this glam seaside look totally pageant ready.

13. Cool Girl Mermaid: The mythical creature print of this skater dress makes for a seriously cool costume. Paired with Doc Martens and those waves of aquatic-hued beach hair, this might just be the hippest mermaid ever.

14. Posh Mermaid: This Ariel-in-the-making is beyond chic in her homemade shell top, three strands of pearls and an emerald green skirt with a thigh-high slit. It鈥檚 a rare sight to see a mermaid with a Posh-era lob but, in all honesty, we seriously love it.

Mermaid Halloween Costume

15. Yandy Sweet Mermaid Costume ($48): This look lets you hack the classic look of a traditional two-piece costume without actually having to bear any skin. Between that wig and the sheer fishtail, we think this costume is a total winner.

Mermaid Mistress Halloween Costume

16. Roma Costume Mermaid Mistress Costume ($140): Here鈥檚 a gothic two-piece mermaid costume that gives the traditional green tail a major makeover. Go all out with your hair and makeup, because this is one look that deserves to be flaunted.

Mermaid Plus-Size Halloween Costume

17. Mermaid: This is 鈥 hands down 鈥 one of the best mermaid costumes we鈥檝e ever seen. From the form-fitting metallic mermaid 鈥渢ail鈥 to the bustier top, that fabulous red wig and starfish hair accessories, this is for sure a look to emulate if you want to flaunt your curves. (Photo via This Is Megan Kerr)

DIY Mermaid Halloween Costume

18. DIY Mermaid: We loved this look so much, we made our very own post about it. Check out LC鈥檚 blog to DIY the look for yourself. (via Lauren Conrad)

The Little Mermaid Dog Halloween Costume

19. The Little Mermaid: Those flowing locks, that clamshell brassiere and that shiny green tail 鈥 we鈥檇 recognize you anywhere, Ariel! Prince Eric could never resist that bulldog face. I wonder if she can sing? If you don鈥檛 want to DIY, you can buy a mermaid costume here. (Photo via Washington Post)

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