Like a lot of us here at Brit HQ, Lauren Conrad started planning her Halloween costume early and to our delight, started dropping hints as to what she would be soon after. So when the former reality star posted a photo of a cluster of seashells to her Instagram a few weeks ago with the caption “Working on my Halloween costume,” we had a strong suspicion as to what that meant: we were due for a DIY mermaid costume. It turns out, we were right. Yesterday, Lauren Conrad revealed the handmade look on her website, and even though we called it, we had no idea it would basically be mermaid couture.

Lauren cut no corners when it came to her Halloween look. Besides hacking a seashell-covered strapless bustier by hot glueing each starfish and scallop shell perfectly in place, Lo also hand-sewed a high-waisted mermaid maxi out of teal green sequins and ocean blue tulle, which was used to create a head-turning tail train. We’ve gotta hand it to LC — a gal whose love of all-things Halloween + handmade is about as strong as ours — the final result would make any hipster Ariel jealous. Click over to with your sewing know-how to follow the eight-step tutorial. We’ll let Lo guide you through the DIY costume, but we’ll step in when it comes to the Pinterest-perfect mermaid hair + makeup.

Are you going as a mermaid for Halloween this year? Did you buy or DIY the costume? Tell us about your plans in the comments below.

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