From balayage to grombré to the oh-so many shades of purple hair, this season has yet to disappoint in the tress trends category. We’ve had our stylist on standby while we scope out the next BIG thang to try — and it’s finally here! Say adios to pastel and hola to metallic hair. This trend is texture-friendly, so everyone can get their shine on, whether your hair is curly, wavy or straight. And if you’re still rocking last spring’s pastel hair craze, the metallic process will actually work even better. Ashy tones are essential for making this process really pop, so kick your hair game up a notch and take your locks to the next level of carefree color. For more heavy metal inspo, scroll down and meet 14 beauties who are absolutely slaying the metallic hair game.

1. Boho Blue: Summer’s granny-approved gray gets an instant upgrade with this gorgeously integrated blue-purple metallic color. Cuddle up in a cozy sweater and keep shining when the clouds roll in.

2. Rose Gold Goddess: Strawberry blonde takes on brassy undertones with this romantic version of a hair color fave. Bright purple and pink streaks create a funky dimension that pairs perfectly with a bold necklace.

3. The Color Purple: Why stop at lavender locks when you can take it to the next level with a metallic finish?! Create steely intrigue via icy highlights and lilac lowlights for Pantone-approved hair that’s bound to turn heads.

4. Northern Lights: Time to take silver strands to the next level. This silver-sheened cut looks fabulous with subtly interwoven greens, blues and even a few shades of purple to complete a show-stopping look.

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Stormy Metallic. @hannaaaahk

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5. Electric Blue: How can you not think that this shade of electric blue looks amazing?! Weave in some purple for good measure and be prepared to WOW everywhere you go.

6. Copper Red: Calling all redheads! Take your fiery locks there with a metallic finish that brings touches of gold, copper and bronze to your everyday style. This stunning hue looks like liquid metal.

7. Purple Rain: This lavender color scape is what dreams are made of. Combine Old-Hollywood, Veronica Lake-approved waves with new-school metallic color for a style that refuses to go unnoticed.

8. Mermaid Green: Take mermaid hair into right-now territory with an epic ombré and metallic finish. This teal and emerald green hue is perfect for the long-haired gal looking for a bright color pop.

9. Opal-essence: Adventurous blondes, this iridescent opal effect was made for you. With touches of lavender, teal and icy silver, this style is sure to stop ’em in their tracks.

10. Peachy Keen: Rose gold meets lovely lavender in this gorgeous metallic mix that’s sure to have you feeling fine. The peachy highlights come to life when you pair the look with a top knot that shows it all off.

11. Violet Vixen: Whether they’re blown out or styled in a super cute wraparound braid, we love violet metallic locks! Embrace the blinged-out rainbow when you pair purple strands with streaks of blonde, blue and your natural color.

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Blue hair don't care!

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12. Indigo-go: Channel your inner grunge rocker with this metallic blue color. Double down on the blue hue by rocking a monochromatic lip, smokey eye and nails FTW.

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Steel tones and sharp edges 🔪🔪🔪🔪

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13. Silver Storm: People will literally Marvel (see what we did there?) when they see this superhero metallic shade of gray. This shiny hue is so good, you may just bring peace between humans and mutants.

14. Mauve Over, Boys: These long-layered purple locks are as bright and breathtaking as a sunset. Anchor the ombré with your own natural tone to keep this radiant style lasting all season long.

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