Having become a full-fledged fashion star at the ripe old age of 12 as the face of Calvin Klein By Appointment, there’s been much controversy as of late over *how* exactly the now 13-year-old should be dressing on the red carpet. Her Golden Globes look, for instance, had some balking at what they deemed to be a far-too “risqué” style for such a young woman. When it came to the SAG Awards however, Brown couldn’t have been more age-appropriate, bucking heels or boots for — get this! — a pair of Converse sneakers!

That’s right! The reigning queen of style expertly pulled off the same sneakers we regularly wear with our favorite jeans and tee combos with a gorgeous pink sequined Calvin Klein By Appointment mini-dress.

Not only did it totally suit the Stranger Things actress, it also managed to appear every bit as natural — if not more — than a pair of fancy sandals would.

As it turns out, the RL Eleven actually had another reason for choosing her footwear that had nothing to do with her age — She loves to dance! “You’ve got to go for Converse. You’ve got to dance the night away, win or lose!” she said during her carpet interview. “You know you gotta keep it stylish. It’s fun to go to the parties. I love to dance, that’s why I brought these.”

The starlet also kept things fun on top with a set of Princess Leia-style buns tied with two sweet black ribbons (“I think they’re cute,” she told People), pink lipsticks, and patterned nails.

Though we think she looks amazing in just about anything, overall, this just may have been her best look yet.

Keep slaying, Millie!

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(Photo via John Shearer + Frazer Harrison/Getty)