Lovers of craft beer, rejoice! You’ll soon be able to sip your very own unique IPA, lager, stout or [insert hop of choice here] brewski at your at-home happy hour (accessorized with a funky cozy, of course) thanks to a small batch home brewing machine that’s essentially trying to turn the act of beer making into the speedy process the Keurig did for coffee. It’s time to BIY — brew it yourself.


Called MiniBrew, this all-in-one beer making system completely streamlines the beer brewing process for those fanatics without the space (or patience) to hack together a facility of their own. The tabletop product is from a team based in the Netherlands selected to be a part of The Next Web‘s Boost program, which helps accelerate the growth of early-stage startups from around the world. It seems like this device caught the attention of TNW because it combines the required processes of brewing, cooling and yeasting into one powerhouse appliance that simplifies the complexity beer creation usually involves. You still need the knowledge of a brewmaster though: adding the right ingredients, creating a flavor profile and balancing the taste are all on you — no all-in-one ingredient pods included yet.


Through this multifunctional tool, the company claims it reduces the beer development operation from the typical two week minimum to only 3.5 hours and still retain all those long-brew characteristics like strength and taste. While that’s not quite brew-on-the-go time, that certainly allows for an unheard-of turnaround — think: starting a batch the morning of the big game and having cool, fresh brews ready for all of your buds in time for kickoff. We recommend you brush up on your beer game during those in-between hours, like searching for secret ingredients to take your signature recipe to the next level, experimenting with new pairings (beertails, anyone?) and DIY-ing bottle labels and six-pack cases.

While the news is certainly making us ready to get our home brew on ASAP, the MiniBrew is currently at the beta prototyping stage. That means there’s currently no price for the machine and no release date either. Don’t worry about us though, we’ll pass the time touring the best airport bars while we wait for this hoppy appliance to launch.

Would you buy the MiniBrew to make easy at-home brewing a reality? Let us know in the comments.