12 Craft Beers to Crack Open Tonight
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12 Craft Beers to Crack Open Tonight

Enjoying a beer with (or in) dinner, is totally something a lot of us enjoy. But as much as we love to treat ourselves, cracking open a fancy bottle on the reg just doesn’t work for our wallets. These 12 craft brews bridge the gap between those high-priced options and the mass-produced varieties that are better suited for a keg. With all kinds of styles to choose from, there’s a little something here for everyone (yep, even gluten-free folks!).

1. Cigar City Brewing Jai Alai ($9/six pack): Hailing from sunny Tampa, this IPA brings a lot of (Florida) citrus flavor to the glass without the overwhelming pine flavor found in most West-Coast-style brews.

2. Brooklyn Brewery Brooklyn Lager ($10/six pack): We’d argue that this smooth, refreshing and very food-friendly lager is the true king of beers.

3. Founders Brewing Co. Black Rye ($11/four pack): This outstanding, almost undefinable dark ale hasn’t been brewed in nearly a decade, so you’ll definitely want to grab a pack before it disappears from shelves in March.

4. Victory Brewing Company Prima Pils ($10/six pack): At once herbal and malty, this winning pilsner will have you shouting with joy.

5. North Coast Brewing Co. Old Rasputin ($9/four pack): Rich and warming, this Russian imperial stout features the chocolate aromas and high alcohol content characteristic of the style in a well-balanced way. It’s a great quaff to enjoy when it’s cold out.

6. Lagunitas Brewing Company Brown Shugga’ Ale ($10/six pack): This original-style ale is the result of a barleywine experiment gone awry. Talk about a happy accident. (Photo via The Brü)

7. Narragansett Brewing Company Bohemian Pilsner ($9/six pack): Spicy and a touch sweet, a pint of these suds is very drinkable with a surprisingly crisp finish.

8. Deschutes Brewery Black Butte Porter ($10/six pack): Creamy and complex, this award-winning beer just so happens to be Deschutes Brewery’s flagship sip.

9. Green Flash West Coast IPA ($10/four Pack): You’ll find no fewer than FIVE varieties of hops in this perfect example of a West Coast (Double) IPA. The hodgepodge gives each bottle a delightful bouquet of pine, citrus and floral notes.

10. Left Hand Brewing Company Milk Stout Nitro ($11/six pack): This widget-free, bottled Nitrogen beer is totally groundbreaking. You’ll love the creamy, smooth texture that an elemental upgrade from CO2 provides this milkshake-esque masterpiece.

11. Anchor Brewing Co. Old Foghorn Ale ($16/six pack): This harder-to-find style of strong ale cellars quite well, so you can enjoy a few bottles now and later.

12. Omission Pale Ale ($10/six pack): A special process removes the gluten, so now those who avoid the grain have an option that’s just as tasty as other craft beers. Actually, there are three options; IPA and lager are also available.

Are you a craft beer fan? Share your favorite style(s) and breweries with us below!