Matt Damon has found himself in some hot water after sitting down with ABC’s Peter Travers for an interview on the current social climate, addressing the many sexual harassment and sexual abuse allegations that have surfaced this year. Now, celebs, including Minnie Driver and Alyssa Milano, are speaking out about his remarks, taking the actor to task for his controversial words.

Damon, 47, made several brow-raising comments during the course of his exchange with the journalist which touched on the scale of severity of the incidents in question, whether some of the accused assaulters might be redeemable should they admit guilt, and whether or not people were aware of Weinstein’s own indiscretions.

While he said it was “wonderful” and “necessary” that women were opening up about their experiences, he went on to add that there was a spectrum of behavior to consider. “You know, there’s a difference between patting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation, right? Both of those behaviors need to be confronted and eradicated, but they shouldn’t be conflated, right?”

He also touched on redemption for those admitting wrongdoing, saying, “None of us came here perfect… and the fear for me right now, we’re in this moment where at this moment — and I hope it doesn’t stay this way — the clearer signal to men and to younger people is, deny it. Because if you take responsibility for what you did, your life’s going to get ruined.”

Specifically mentioning Louis CK, who responded to allegations against him by saying, “These stories are true,” Damon noted that while he didn’t see the details of the case, “I did see his statement, which kind of, which [was] arresting to me… And I just remember thinking, ‘Well, that’s a sign of somebody who… Well, we can work with that.” He later added, “I don’t imagine he’s going to do these things again… I imagine the price he’s paid at this point is so beyond anything that he… I just think we have to kind of start delineating between what those behaviors are.”

Driver, who also happens to be Matt Damon’s ex and co-star (the pair dated in 1997 after filming their hit Good Will Hunting) was not here for Damon’s remarks, Tweeting, “Good God SERIOUSLY?”

She also responded to several fans who commented on the situation, saying that when it comes to abuse, there is no hierarchy, and that such views were systemically part of the problem.

Alyssa Milano joined her in expressing her disappointment, penning an “open letter” of tweets.

“Dear Matt Damon,” she began. “It’s the micro that makes the macro. We are in a “culture of outrage” because the magnitude of rage, is, in fact, overtly outrageous. And it is righteous.”

She went to say that she’d been a victim of each component of “the sexual assault spectrum of which you speak. They all hurt.”

In conclusion, the Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later actress noted that “There are different stages of cancer, some are more treatable than others, but it’s still cancer.”

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