Cinema has brought us some of the most inspiring BFF combos ever. Who could forget Cher and Dion, Thelma and Louise and every Tina Fey, Amy Poehler pairing ever? Still, one of the grandmommy of these pairings and the definition of “ride or die” is Romy and Michele, the titular besties of 1997’s Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. This classic inspired nerdy girls’ dreams, epic Halloween costumes and remains relevant even all these years later.

Still one thing remains unresolved. If Romy didn’t invent the Post-It… who did?


In an interview with HuffPost Live, actress Mira Sorvino was asked about her iconic role. She calls it “the most fun I’ve ever had making a movie” and only dips briefly into a quiet but elegant sass when the reporter asks who came up with the Post-It joke (Mira is all “um I think the writers did”). Mira (an Oscar winner and Harvard grad btw) is shocked when the reporter reveals that she’s invited the actual Post-It inventor, Art Fry to the interview via Skype.

Fry says he has no hard feelings about Romy’s on screen lie. “If anything, when I go to reunions they ask about you!” he says. Mira digs deep and uses her Romy voice to say formally that she’s “like, so sorry, okay?” to Art before graciously fielding his final kind of creepy remark. What a sport!

If you’re a fan of Romy and Michelle who has graduated to more serious movies (and business women lunches) check out Mira’s new movie Chole and Theo which tackles issues like climate change and advocacy.

In the meantime why not fold some scarves and have a Romy and Michele day!?

Fave ’90s movie… go!

(h/t Huffington Post)