We’ve always loved mirrors for their functionality — you know, for putting on our favorite shade of red lipstick, checking out our glitter boots or giving our mop tops a quick retro ‘do. But modern mirrors go way beyond a place for primping. Whether it’s on a tricked out bedside table, or cut into surprising shapes and patterns, these swoon-worthy mirrored pieces are having us reflect and rethink the hardly humble mirror.

1. Rustic Wood Mirror Shelf ($129): Stack all the makings of your home bar on this shelf and you’ll have one more reason to be seeing double at the end of the night.

2. Ava Nightstand ($679): The exposed wood trim and antiqued mirrored facade of this piece screams art deco glam.

3. Mirrored Glass Subway Tile ($18 per square foot): A true lover of reflection will find any excuse to tile with mirrors, and these amazing mirrored glass tiles are all the reason we need to drop everything and update our backsplash.

4. Brooklyn Mirror Wall Sconce ($399): What do you get when you combine antique mirrors, hand-worked iron and an Edison bulb? Your new favorite industrial chic light fixture.

5. Mirrored Jewelry Box ($24): Monogram a mirrored jewelry box and you have an instant heirloom, not to mention a beautiful storage piece that doubles as fabulous table decor.

6. Mirror Bunting ($82): Don’t even wait until your next party to hang this fabulous mirrored bunting. This killer reflective piece looks great anywhere, anytime.

7. Faceted Mirror Side Table ($199): We’re die-hard fans of any mirrored nightstand but this one seriously stops us in our tracks with its old Hollywood glam and top-notch functionality.

8. Gold Mirrored Tabletop Tray ($30): The dreamy gold detail around the edge of this mirrored tray is sublime. It’ll instantly perk up any surface.

9. Clarus Large Brass Display Box ($90): Even if you stash it with necessities, the iridescent glow given off inside this display box is sure to make any collection stand out.

10. Antique Mirror Rectangular Crosshatch Planter ($198): The plant that lands inside this stellar reflective box is way lucky. Stick your favorite blooms inside and watch jaws drop.

11. Cube MDF Shelf ($40): These three cube shelves boast mirrored doors that pack a big punch. Arrange them in any design and you’ll experience a true marriage of beauty and functionality.

12. Woven Wall Mirror ($15): Who knew a simple mirror laid inside a natural frame could be so magical? This little mirror somehow matches every style and fits almost anywhere.

13. Abate Slatted Mirror ($298): The unique reflective strips laid side-by-side create this beautifully designed piece make it more art than mirror.

14. Shine Wall Mirror ($469): Angular mirror pieces work together on this wall piece to reflect an out-of-this-world amount of light.

Do you love mirrored pieces for the home? Tell us about your favorite way to use mirrors in the comments below!