Fact: We love bold, bright looks here at Brit + Co. A lot. But even we can admit that sometimes the best intentions can lead us astray. Clashing the color components of an otherwise perfect outfit is no fun for you, or the people around you. So we found you five designer tips from this helpful vid to help you wear all the bright colors you can take, without causing major color clash.

As you go through these tips, keep a color wheel like the one above in your mind. This organizes colors based on their relationship to the primary hues: red, yellow and blue. The way the colors are arranged will help you figure out how to mix and match. Ready? Okay, let’s dive in!

1. Match Similar Colors For Monochromatic Looks: Colors next to each other on the wheel, like yellows and oranges, go well together without being too overwhelming. Try mixing ombre shades in your next outfit.

2. Use Complementary Colors To Create Pops: Complementary colors lie directly across from each other on the wheel. Red and green, or blue and yellow, are good examples. These colors will often “pop” against one another for a bright outfit. Pro tip: Use this method when picking out shades for color blocking.

3. Grab Triads for Big, Bold Color: Triads are three evenly spaced colors on the wheel. For example, violet blue, red orange and yellow are triads. They combine together for a bright, but still fashionable, bold look.

4. Use Neutrals: They’re called classic shades for a reason! White, black, beige, and brown can be your best friend in pulling together or balancing an outfit.

5. Vary Lightness: With all of these tips, vary the lightness of the shades you choose. For example, a light green could pair very nicely with a dark red, but if both are super dark they may not look as good together. Play around with shades to find a match that works for you. 

What do you think of these colorful tips? Tell us in the comments below!