Whether it’s the first step or the finishing touch of decorating your home for Halloween, a creepy-cool wreath is *the* way to give your front door that spooky look you’re after. Orange and black fabric wreaths are sweet, but they’ve been done — this year calls for something a little more unique and modern. Give trick-or-treaters the “evil eye” with a wreath made of multicolored ping pong eyeballs, or scare arachnophobes with a wreath covered in plastic spiders. Still not sure how you want to spook-ify your door? Check out these 25 creative ideas guaranteed to take your Halloween decor to the next level.


1. Printable Eyeball Wreath: Kick off your Halloween decorations with this colorful wreath made of printable eyeballs. Since they’re free, you’ll be saving time and money with this DIY. If those reasons weren’t cool enough, you can even print out extra eyeballs to make a mask! (via See Vanessa Craft)


2. Sugar Skull Wreath: Add a splash of color to a simple black and white wreath with sugar skull-inspired flowers. Though these were made out of felt, feel free to swap them out for faux flowers, especially if you’re running short on time. (via Crafted Sparrow)


3. Candy Corn Wreath: Your neighbors won’t stand a chance against your *sweet* door decor this year. Turn the iconic Halloween candy into a decorative accent using a styrofoam wreath, hot glue and candy corn. Pro tip: Keep insects away from your candy wreath by drying out your candy corn completely then spraying it with a preservative gloss before starting the DIY. (via Woman’s Day)


4. Purple Spider Wreath: Channel witchy vibes with this black and purple wreath featuring spider embellishments. For a glam touch, use ribbon that has hints of metallic thread. (via Love It So Much)


5. Yarn-Wrapped Wreath: Here’s another play on the classic black and purple color combo. Add a neon green bow featuring a festive print, like bats or cats, to mix things up. (via Happily Intended)


6. Pinecone Monster Wreath: If you’ve got one too many pinecones lying around, upcycle your yard litter by turning it into a monster-inspired wreath to adorn your front door. Spray paint your “monster,” then add a pair of eyes and a stylish bow for a dapper touch. (via Craftaholics Anonymous)


7. Animal Eyes Wreath: Your front door will have never looked so creepy, thanks to this wreath that’s decked out in bright yellow animal eyes. Just add googly eyes to a foam wreath that’s wrapped in black crepe paper. (via Tried & True)


8. Halloween Wreath: Using a grapevine wreath, add moss, spider rings and a black crow prop to recreate this impressive Halloween DIY. The best part is the tutorial breaks the craft down into four customizable options, which means you can use the same wreath for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas (just use floral wire instead of hot glue when securing your decorative elements). (via Hello Glow)


9. Spooky Eyeball Wreath: Who knew ping-pong balls could be this creepy/cool? Use this craft as a fun project for you and your little ones to work on together, to come up with some seriously creative eye-deas. (via Small + Friendly)


10. Scary Googly Eyes Wreath: Don’t worry if you don’t have the time to decorate dozens of ping pong balls. This black feathery base works just as great to step up your Halloween decor by saving you time *and* giving your wreath a stylish, spooky flair. (via DIY Network)


11. Black Cat Wreath: Love cats? Then have we got the *purrfect* wreath for you. Create this look using black yarn, black pipe cleaners and (surprise!) black felt. (via Shaken Together)


12. Black Paper Cones Wreath: As far as pretty Halloween decor goes, this one definitely takes the cake. Reminiscent of a black dahlia, this wreath made of black paper cones will keep your door chic as well as festive. (via Blooming Homestead)


13. Halloween Wreath: If dark romantic elements are more your style, try your hand at this gothic wreath Morticia Addams would certainly approve of. Get the look by spray painting faux flowers black then pinning them onto a black wreath. (via The 36th Avenue)


14. Halloween Mummy Wreath: Trick-or-treaters are in for a playful scare when they walk up to this wrapped-up mummy wreath. Use muslin or gauze to wrap your wreath, then finish off the look with a pair of googly eyes for a cheeky touch. (via Pretty Providence)


15. Skeleton Hands Wreath: Here’s a DIY wreath your neighbors will definitely want to get their *hands* on. Spray plastic skeleton hands with a metallic silver paint and arrange around a circular piece of chalkboard, featuring your best hand-lettered Halloween greeting. (via Tried & True)


16. Halloween Skull Wreath: If you’re looking for a budget-friendly DIY, make this wreath that calls for dollar store finds like styrofoam skulls and orange ribbon. To take your wreath to the next level, coat the black skulls with black glitter spray paint. (via Tried & True)


17. DIY Yarn Ball Pumpkin Wreath: The best part about Halloween is the pumpkins, so why not make a wreath filled with them? Wrap cotton balls with a roll of orange yarn and use hot glue to secure them to your wreath frame. Making this wreath might take a while, but we promise it’s totally worth the extra effort! (via Craft-O-Mania)


18. Halloween Spiderweb Wreath: A creepy-crawly wreath is the perfect way to add a Halloween vibe to your porch. If just this picture can make your skin crawl, it might even scare off an unwanted visitor or two. (via Go Make Me)


19. Sophisticated Spider Wreath: As sophisticated as it looks, this DIY wreath is surprisingly easy to make. Once you’re finished, you’ll definitely give trick-or-treaters a spooky surprise with these leggy critters. (via Paper & Fox)


20. Wriggling Snake Wreath: Make Medusa proud with this wriggling snake wreath that’ll stop trick-or-treaters dead in their tracks. Granted, it won’t turn them into stone, but close enough! (via Martha Stewart)


21. Nevermore Halloween Wreath: Channel Edgar Allan Poe’s twisted tales with this wreath inspired by his work “The Raven.” But be warned: Hanging this wreath from your door might have you second guessing whether it was trick-or-treaters or something more ominous rapping at your chamber door. (via Katydid and Kid)

22. Spider Glam Halloween Wreath: Polka dot fabric, a pom pom garland and a teeny spider charm deliver a look that’s more cute than spooky. If that suits your decor style best, get the look with a ribbon, doily, pom pom trim and a mini pennant printable. (via Flamingo Toes)


23. DIY Paper Spiderwebs: Remember those paper snowflakes you made as a kid? That’s basically all you need to know how to do to recreate this super easy spider web wreath made of black scrapbook paper. (via This Heart of Mine)


24. Black Paper Wreath: For a more subtle look, create this black funeral-esque wreath using black crepe paper. You can even use leftover streamers to decorate the rest of your home. (via Country Living)


25. Spooky Eyeball Wreath: Oh m’eye! If one thing is for sure, it’s that this wreath is a lot of *look.* Give everyone who comes knocking an uneasy feeling with this DIY that’s made of bloodshot eyeballs. (via A Pretty Life)

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