The tree is up, the presents have been ordered, and most of the stockings have been hung with care. But, there are some new folks Christmas-ing with you this year and you need to stock up (hehe!) on a few more modern stockings. Here are 10 we found that you can still order in time for Christmas.

1. Otomi Stocking ($30): Pattern swoon! It’s no secret that we’re pattern-obsessed here at Brit + Co, so these stockings are an instant win. Love the different patterns and simple color palette.

2. Air Jordan Christmas Stocking ($45): These stockings might have just won this entire post. ’80s kids everywhere are wishing they had a stocking like this back in the day.

3. Pendleton Aqua Stocking ($39): Dear Pendleton, we love everything that you make, and everything that Etsy makers make out of your textiles. Love, Brit + Co.

4. Wool Giraffe ($28): How cute is that little giraffe bootie?

5. Maya Muse Textile Stocking ($35): More patterns? Yes, pretty please. This fabric would also make for an awesome table runner or tea towel.

6. Glacier National Park Blanket Stocking ($30): These color blocked stockings are made from an upcycled wool blanket. So cozy.

7. Burlap Rudolph Stocking ($22): For the alpha in your family, this rustic Rudolph stocking is a perfect fit.

8. Striped and Star-Flaked Knit Stockings ($13 each): See? Christmas knits don’t always have to be tacky sweaters.

9. Wool Hippo ($28): This hungry hungry hippo is ready to gobble up all the stocking stuffers around.

10. Hot Pink Pendleton Stocking ($39): We couldn’t resist another Pendelton inclusion on this list — those neon colors are just too good!

Bonus! Garfield Holiday Stocking ($20): And finally, the original cheeky cat.

What does your mantel look like? Talk to us in the comments below.