If you have a room that needs a little color or warmth, consider making it over with modular carpet. It comes in many colors and patterns, can be customized into any shape or size and is easy enough that you can usually finish a room in a day. Best of all is the ability to clean the individual squares as needed; when something is spilled on one or more of the squares — pull it up, wash it with soap and water, let it dry and replace. Check out these 10 places to get modular carpet and then start designing your dream floor!

1. Kinder Ground (price upon request): These all natural carpet pieces come in three different shapes: hexagons, triangles and diamonds and is available in five different colors for infinite design options.

2. Flor ($16 per square): The king of modular carpet, Flor offers an incredible selection of colors and patterns from graphic to vintage florals and each patch is incredibly easy to put together.

3. Cityscapes Carpet: This cozy wool carpet pattern reminds us of a snowflake. (via Homeli)

4. Pebble Gray ($0.99 a foot): These lush tiles come in an array of warm, complimentary colors that blend seamlessly into any desired decor theme.

5. Ontera Carpet (price upon request): If you want to make statement, these patterned carpet tiles are just what you need.

6. Do Lo Rez Rug ($3000): Get geometric with these block-print rugs. Is it just us, or are you feeling like a game of Tetris right about now?

7. Vorwerk Carpeting (price upon request): These modular pieces come in three categories — Greyscale, Colorscale and Freescale, plus in a wide assortment of textures and patterns.

8. Peel and Stick Carpet Tiles (from $40): These peel and stick carpet tiles let you create custom looks. Make a border with a different color or alternate squares for a checkerboard effect.

9. Felted Carpet Tiles (from $8): Soft, contemporary carpet tiles can be mixed or matched to create area rugs or runners to fit your space and your style. As stair runners, these tiles won’t slip at all.

10. Cable Knit ($6 per sq ft): This cozy looking pattern would be perfect in a playroom, nursery or anywhere that you want to feel a little cuddly in.

Would you attempt to design a modular carpet pattern for your room? Let us know in the comments below!