No matter what anyone might tell you, motherhood is scary. You go from only having to care for yourself to literally having someone else’s life in your hands at all times. Babies can’t do a damn thing on their own, so it’s up to you to give them all you can to ensure they’ll be okay. While motherhood is certainly full of positive parts, happy memories, and the like, there are moments when you realize the full extent of dangers that are out to get your baby. Or at least, that’s how it feels. Car accidents, unintended ingestion of any number of items, SIDS, bullying, sexual assault, school shootings, you name it. And then there’s also not-so-serious fears that are still rather unpleasant to think about (like dreading the day your baby becomes a tween who wants to lock you out of their room, or when your kid wants to wear plaid and polka-dots for their school picture). Point is, all moms have a list of fears, and these 14 moms dished out some of the biggest ones on their minds.

mother and baby

“That something tragic will happen to them.” — Rebecca, Littleton, CO

“I constantly worry that I’m not doing enough. I worry that I’m missing moments that I won’t be able to make up once they’re grown and gone. I’d go crazy if I didn’t step back and take some time for myself, but I always feel guilty while doing so.” — Kelsey, Seattle, WA

“That my kids will grow up and write a memoir.” – Sharon, Seattle, WA

“That I’ll be sucked into spending so much time and energy on my kids and on repetitive house chores that there is no room left over to work on my own goals.” – Kate, Butte, MT

“I’m a single parent. My biggest fear besides something happening to him is something happening to me: car crash, cancer, or a pulmonary embolism (which killed my father). I want to be there for him as long as I can.” – Sarah, New Orleans, LA

“That when they’re grown, they’ll look back and remember all the time I spent working instead of the time I spent with them.” – Jayme, Los Angeles, CA

“Not being about to teach my kids coping skills and self-care. My oldest son’s mental health and self-esteem and my youngest son’s anger getting him in trouble. Drug use and other bad decisions that will keep them from living a full life.” – Ang, Manchester, NH

“I kind of hate that when they’re my age (42) I am going to be 84. Just hope I’ll be a spry 84. I’ve started to take my health more seriously, wanting to be around and healthy as long as I can.” – Terry, Tampa, FL

“Dying before she grows up.” – LaKesha, Annapolis, MD

“I am so afraid that one day my kids won’t want anything to do with me. All this love, all this work, gone along with my babies.” – Linnea, Denver, CO

“That my kids will grow up and want nothing to do with me.” – Candace, Covington, OH

“Everything Ali Wong says.” – Kat, Miami, FL

“Not having enough time for both kids… and that my older kid’s grades and self-esteem (will) slip even more. Cost of child care. Cost of health care. Cost of groceries. Cost of water. Cost of diapers.” – Stephanie, Schaumburg, IL

“I will teach her my mistakes instead of the lessons I learned from them.” – Molly, Columbus, GA

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