Who doesn’t love a good loaf of pull-apart bread? Whether you’re baking for one or looking to share, one of these 15 tasty monkey bread recipes is sure to please. Go classic with a sweet creation reminiscent of a cinnamon bun, packed with tons of buttery cinnamon and sugary caramel flavor, or take things in a savory direction with a tempting twist on pizza or pierogi. In other words, there’s a loaf here for any time of day or appetite.

1. Homemade Monkey Bread: Each and every part of this classic loaf of cinnamon-roll bites is homemade. Balls of sweet, yeasted dough are dipped in melted butter, rolled in cinnamon-sugar and packed into a pan then baked until a sweet caramel forms. Though absolutely delicious without, a drizzle of dripping glaze is a nice finishing touch. (via Sally’s Baking Addiction)

2. Piña Colada Monkey Bread: Treat your tastebuds to a tropical vacay with this coconut rum-spiked loaf. Studded with pineapple and sprinkled with toasted coconut, anyone who tastes it is bound to go bananas for the flavors. (via Erica’s Monkey Bread)

3. Mini Garlic Monkey Bread: Next time you’re craving garlic bread, switch things up and make these petite rolls in place of the usual loaf. (via Rasa Malaysia)

4. Blueberry, Honey + Goat Cheese Monkey Bread: This sophisticated creation stuffs blueberries and goat cheese into rolled out pieces of biscuit dough before forming each into a ball. It takes a little extra effort, but ensures that each bite is packed with flavor. (via Busy Mommy)

5. Three-Ingredient Cheesy Monkey Bread: It doesn’t get much easier than this: Combine canned biscuits, shredded cheese and butter in a loaf pan, bake and enjoy. (via Brit + Co)

6. Apple Fritter Monkey Bread: Treat yo’ self to this tasty monkey bread for one. It bakes up in minutes in a toaster oven. (via ZagLeft)

7. Strawberry Cheesecake Monkey Bread: As you pull apart this cheesecake-inspired loaf topped with a sweet cream cheese glaze, you’ll uncover pockets of graham cracker crumbs, white chocolate chips and strawberry filling. (via Lemon Tree Dwelling)

8. Salted Caramel Monkey Bread (Vegan): Free of refined sugar and oil and packed with whole grain goodness, this salted caramel-drizzled loaf is one you can feel good about indulging in. (via Yup, It’s Vegan)

9. Maple-Pumpkin Monkey Bread: A generous glug of pure maple syrup enhances the pumpkin flavor beautifully. (via Krista and Michele)

10. Bubble Pizza: Shake up pizza night at your house by making it monkey-bread-style instead. Loaded with sauce, cheese and pepperoni, you’ll find all the classic flavors layered in an irresistible chewy-crispy textured dough. (via Foodie With Family)

11. Pull-Apart Pierogi Bread: Mashed potatoes, crispy bacon, onions and sharp cheddar are all stuffed into pieces of dough to form this carbs-on-carbs creation. (via Food Well Said)

12. French Toast Monkey Bread: Why choose between French toast and monkey bread on the weekend when you can fuse the two together instead? Save all the tough food-related decisions for later in the day. (via Dine and Dish)

13. Buffalo Chicken Monkey Bread: Make this monkey bread for game day; it has all of the things you love about wings, without the mess. (via Pillsbury)

14. Cheese and Onion Monkey Bread: The sautéed thyme-scented onions caramelize in the oven, taking on a sweet-savory flavor beyond compare. (via Heather Christo)

15. Cinnamon Pecan Swirl Monkey Bread: A total labor of love, this bourbon-caramel-sauced loaf made from layers of homemade cinnamon buns is out of this world. Totally worth every minute (and calorie) spent. (via Evil Shenanigans)

What’s your favorite way to enjoy monkey bread? Do you go all out with from-scratch dough, or is the ease of canned biscuits more your style? Let’s talk below!