When the idea for Class Pass came about, we were pretty stoked. Pay a flat monthly fee and gain access to tons of different fitness studios around your city? Sign us up. But after you’ve totally rocked that Pilates class, you’re going to be in need of some pampering, right? Right. Well now you can get the same kind of service but for beauty — well, for blowouts in particular — from not one, but two different companies.


With Beauty Pass and VIVE, you pay a flat monthly fee of $99 and gain access to an unlimited number of blowouts at beauty editor-approved salons across NYC (sorry, folks, this particular service currently is only available in the Big Apple). Considering an average blowout usually costs about $40, this could be a total steal for all you beauty mavens out there. Plus, appointments are super flexible: Beauty Pass blowouts scheduled between 8am and 8pm will be confirmed within 15 minutes of scheduling, while VIVE promises the ability to book an appointment with as little as 30 minutes’ notice. If you wake up and decide you’re in need of some Wednesday morning hair help, go ahead and book an appointment at a nearby participating salon and stop in on the way to work (’cause why wouldn’t you?).


While the two services are currently only available to those in NYC, Beauty Pass and VIVE both have plans to expand, both location-wise and in services provided. While the potential additional services for VIVE are not specified, Beauty Pass has definite plans to launch unlimited manicures for $49 (WHAT?!), a spa sampler for $59 and unlimited spray tans for $99 (use wisely, ladies).

San Francisco, we love you, but if these services don’t head west soon we may leave you for the city that never sleeps (and consequently never had bedhead either).

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