22 Cities Around the World Best Explored by Bicycle

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There's something to be said about exploring a city by bicycle — it's faster than walking and more flexible than driving or taking public transportation, and it's healthy for both the Earth and your body. According to Schwinn brand ambassador Jeanette Zinno, biking also allows you to see a city in a whole different way by fully immersing you in a new environment. Plus, you don't need to know the local language to navigate around, and it's a great way to meet locals. Ready to hit the road? Here are 22 of the most bike-friendly cities around the world. Before You Go: Zinno advises to get a lowdown of your location beforehand, bring a physical map (GPS and phone batteries aren't always reliable), pack layers for changing weather conditions, and bring a bag with essentials like sunblock, water, and a phone charger. Pro Tip: In the US, AAA Auto also offers roadside assistance for bikers and will tow a bike up to 200 miles.

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