Mother’s Day is here! And before we lose ourselves in the mass amounts of Mother’s Day gifts for pampering and the mother-child bonding that’s bound to ensue, let’s take a moment to remember the true purpose of this holiday — to honor and celebrate motherhood. Whether you’re a mother, daughter or mom-to-be, read on to gain wisdom from these insightful quotes about being a parent. From our favorite funny gal, Tina Fey, to pop culture icons, these eight quotes perfectly capture all the feels that go along with being a mom.


All working moms can agree that the most ah-mazing job you can have is — you guessed it — being a mom.


Lorelai and Rory *define* our mother-daughter #relationshipgoals.


Lana Del Rey never fails to perfectly capture the beautiful, magical and sometimes heartbreaking essence of love.


You can read all the books and take all the classes, but nothing truly prepares you for the moment your little one is born.


Silly old bear or not, Winnie the Pooh is packed with a *ton* of real-life wisdom.


Tina Fey is a mom after our own hearts. She shares her honest and heartwarming outlook on the neverending but oh-so-wonderful role of being a mother.


Never underestimate the sheer emotional strength that comes with being a mom.


Motherhood isn’t just about helping our children grow; it’s about growing ourselves.

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