She wiped your nose and tied your shoes. She guided you through those awkward teen years and throughout your identity-seeking college years. Mommas are the best, y’all. Their special day is coming up quick, so you’d better get planning! In our opinion, the best gifts are accompanied by some funny (and often cheeky) cards. You inherited that excellent sense of humor from your mom, didn’t you? Check out these 30 hilarious Mother’s Day cards that’ll have her giggling like a little schoolgirl in no time.

1. Bohemian Rhapsody ($4): Freddie Mercury references are always called for. The tiny “ooooh” addition is what makes this card extra special.

2. Good Looks ($5): Compliment yourself and your lovely mama at the same time. It’s a two for one deal!

3. Sacrifices ($5): Let’s just all agree that yes, your mom gave up a lot for you. Sorryz, moms!

4. You Were Right About Everything ($4): “You were right.” The three words that every mom loves (and deserves) to hear.

5. Freaking Amazeballs ($5): We’re sure she’ll be impressed.

6. One BA Mother ($5): It’s straightforward. It’s a little edgy. It’s perfect.

7. Hall + Oates ($4): Throwback! These two are welcome on any greeting card, no matter what the occasion.

8. Octomom ($3): The secret to having the multitasking abilities of a mother? Having four extra hidden limbs.

9. Sweater Weather ($5): Looking back, it’s kind of funny that you were forced to wear thick sweaters when it was 60 degrees outside. Kind of.

10. The Annoying Years ($5): Not only did excessive curiosity kill the cat, but it annoyed the heck out of mom.

11. My Cheapest Therapist ($5): Who needs to pay $100 an hour when your mom is just a phone call away?

12. Macaroni Art ($5): Come on now. You’re way older. It’s time to upgrade to macaroni-themed greeting cards.

13. More Than Guacamole ($4): We like to believe that guacamole is what makes the world go ’round. But mothers may actually be behind all that. Just a theory.

14. Always Listening ($5): This kind of goes along with that therapy card. Moms make the best listeners.

15. Mum’s the Word ($5): No matter if your mum is British, a Gatsby-type of gal or just an art deco appreciator — on her special day, let her know that mum is definitely the word.

16. Wonder Woman ($9): Remember all those times you saw Wonder Woman on the subway? Your mom was never there. Piece it together.

17. Mom Jeans ($4): Step aside, ladies of SNL. Our moms rocks mom genes and jeans. It’s an incredible feat, really!

18. Ma-rvelous ($3): She really does, doesn’t she.

19. Finding Stuff ($4): When you were running late for first period and you couldn’t find your gym shorts, it was no laughing matter. But now that you’re older and have a better handle on your life (at least let your mom believe that), the two of you can have a good chuckle about those frantic mornings.

20. Favorite Parent ($2): While a greeting card can never encompass all the gratitude you feel, it’s a start. Don’t worry. Dad will get the other half of this card when his day comes.

21. Official Mother’s Day Greeting ($5): An “all of the above” is the only thing lacking on this card. Our personal favorite choice is “you’re my favorite mom so far.”

22. Luckiest Girl in the World ($5): We all realize it one day: We are becoming our mothers. At least it’s a good thing, right?

23. Never Cleaned My Room ($5): Unfortunately, shoving all your crap under your bed so you could go to Bobby’s birthday party doesn’t count as cleaning your room. Whoops!

24. Rocked the Fanny Pack ($4): Forget mom jeans, the fanny pack is where it’s at. Follow in mama’s footsteps and get a stylish one of your own!

25. Mad Mom ($5): Got a mom who’s crazy for Mad Men? I mean, who isn’t once they see Jon Hamm?

26. Your Favorite Child ($5): On the outside, she says she loves all her children the same. On the inside, you’re her favorite. Or so you believe.

27. Two Moms ($5): Lucky enough to have two moms rather than one? You better believe there’s a greeting card for that.

28. You Rock ($5): High fives and fist bumps all around — just what dear old mom always wanted.

29. Best Mom Ever ($4): You know, because she’s not a regular mom. She’ a cool mom.

30. Minivan ($6): All the pickups aside, we think mom should get major props just for driving a minivan solely for you — to carry your gear and your friends around with her wherever she went.

Which Mother’s Day card is your fave? Let us know in the comments below!