If you (or your kids) like popup books, shadows or playing with a flashlight, you’re in luck. Japanese authors Megumi Kajiwara and Tatsuhiko Niijima have created a book called Motion Silhouette, and it involves all three of those things… in the coolest ways ever.

Motion Silhouette is a book filled with 3D paper cutouts whose shadows move across the page when a flashlight is aimed at them and movd in different directions while pointed at the shapes and figures.

From trees blowing in the wind to trains trailing across the page, a flashlight brings this story to life. And those shadows aren’t just an added bit of fun in the book, their presence and movements are actually a part of the story being told, filling in gaps along the way.

Although the book only exists in Japanese right now, we’re not sure you really need to understand the language to love the story. Motion Silhouette is a made-to-order book that costs about $60, and you can inquire about ordering one through their website. So, once you’ve gotten your hands on this epic story, grab your flashlight, your kids and your sense of imagination, and get ready to discover one of the coolest books we’ve ever seen.

And because sometimes you just have to see things before you’ll believe them, check out this video that walks you through how the book really works:

What do you think about this crazy cool book? How do you upgrade bedtime story with you and your kids? Share in the comments below!

(h/t Fast Co.Design)